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In Singapore, a growing number of independent podcasters are also creating great content. All you have to do is download, and plug in. Some of our favourites: Some Scuffs (navigates social anxiety and makes us feel less alone in the world), Anna Faris is Unqualified (the actress play agony aunt and dispense advice with her famous pals like Kristen Bell and Jimmy Kimmel), Do Not Clique (one-on-one conversations with famous Singapore names such as Benjamin Kheng of The Sam Willows and funnygirl Munah Bagharib), and Longkang Kitties (socio-political conversations about what’s going on in Singapore). 


1. You’ll get smarter – while getting boring stuff done 

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Podcast host Davelle Lee used to read on the train during her commute, but found it hard to concentrate when the train got crowded. “It was easier to just plug in,” she says, adding that podcasts take her mind off monotonous tasks like laundry or washing the dishes. Try swopping out music for a podcast on your next run. It’ll make it less painful. 


2. You can deep-dive into stuff you really want to know about 


Podcasts are like Netflix – on-demand, and you consume only what you want. And unlike radio, which plays more generic content to suit more palates, podcasts delve deep into specific topics. “Choosing a podcast is a lot more deliberate and intimate,” says Davelle. It helps that we’re spoilt for choice now, with podcasts available on platforms like iTunes, Soundcloud, and most recently, Spotify


3. You get a range of opinions in a short time

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If you’re the sort who enjoys hearing different points of view, podcasts are your jam. Many of them feel like you’re listening in on an intimate convo between friends, and it’s likely you’ll learn something new along the way. For Jon Wang, one of four co-hosts on local socio-political podcast Longkang Kitties, a discussion is always important. “We never have a conclusion or a point that we can all agree on. I’m more conservative in my views – I want to bring that across in a podcast, and do it in such a way that doesn’t turn people off right away,” he explains. 


4. You absorb ideas, not just pretty faces and pictures


Sometimes, having someone tell you what’s going on is easier to take in than reading a book or newspaper. And the fact that you’re not distracted by a pretty face or gorgeous images (like in YouTube vlogs) means you’ll probably focus better on the ideas presented. Let’s be real – when it comes to actresses, singers and influencers, how they look and dress totally informs the way we relate to them. 

This story was originally published in the August 2018 issue of Her World.