We’ve all done it before ‒ rushing to make it to work on time, buying some $1.50 bread and munching it on the way to work. Sounds cute and anime-like in theory, but it’s simply not the best way to live. So here are three quick, easy and healthy breakfast foods all the fitness gurus are eating!

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Meet the ‘#fitblr’ breakfast

Looks good, doesn’t it? The breakfast craze isn’t showing signs of stopping anytime soon. Simply search ‘fitblr breakfast’ on google and you’re sure to find tons of #foodinspo (definition: food inspiration) pics that make healthy eating look oh-so-glamourous.

How to make it? It’s super simple.

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All you need is some mixed granola, yoghurt and any type of fruit you like. Toss in your desired amount of granola, add some plain yogurt and sliced fresh fruit and you have yourself a good looking breakfast. (For the more pedantic people, the ratio of the granola to the yoghurt and fruit should be about 2:1:1.) To cut down even further on time, you can pre-slice your fruit and store in tupperware in your fridge. It’s a great substitution snack for chips as well.

We used Crop’s granola mixed with dried cranberries and pecans for an extra boost of protein and texture, some regular plain yoghurt from the supermarket and sliced up a kiwi real quick for that extra zest and ‘mise en scene’ – we like things to look good, okay.

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Before you say lame, let me explain that this is a super simple upgrade from the usual toast with bread and butter. By substituting your usual spread with a organic nut butter ‒ we used Nutteree; an organic dark chocolate hazel spread that’s chock full of protein and no preservatives. I like that it’s not too sweet and you can actually taste real nuts in the spread. If you like to add more sweetness, try fruit like banana or blueberries on top of your toast.

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BREWED TEA (5 minutes)

This one is for the days when you have a little spare time ‒ drinking tea in the morning before any food helps to cleanse your gut, even when you’re not getting sufficient fibre. Wine lovers will get a kick out of this tea, which is the very definition of mixing grain and grape – this cabernet tea is darkly fruity with peppery hints, inspired by the Cabernet Sauvignon wine.

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