The luxury tissue paper made just for you

All of us need this item, and we often take it for granted. We only care that it should feel reasonably soft and be able to clean just about everything – and be cheap.

What’s overlooked is that poor-quality paper tissues can cause abrasions on sensitive skin, while thinner sheets increase paper wastage. And such products cost you more eventually when you find that using one sheet isn’t enough. Some tissues also contain highly toxic chemicals that are harmful to babies.

Now you have a new option from one of Singapore’s leading tissue brands: PurSoft’s latest luxury range, the three-ply Satin Soft Facial Tissue Paper, which is so much softer and thicker than most paper tissues.

The luxury tissue paper made just for you

The difference: The luxurious sheets are extremely soft to the touch – and on the skin – as they’re made from 100 per cent virgin pulp fibres. This means you won’t experience any prickly sensations or the kind of scratchy feeling that leaves your sensitive skin irritated after blotting your face. And if you’re in need of a quick wipe-down after a sweaty outing, PurSoft’s Satin Soft Facial Tissue Paper means you don’t have to worry about tugging on your skin.

The increased thickness (three-ply) of each sheet provides much better absorption than PurSoft’s current range of tissues. This new range also ensures that you don’t waste as much paper as you might have before. That’s because PurSoft prides itself on delivering premium-quality tissues that are absolutely soft and thick, whether they’re food-safe wet wipes, scented four-ply bathroom rolls, or three-ply paper tissues.

The luxury tissue paper made just for you

The 100 per cent virgin pulp fibres used to make PurSoft tissues are extracted from trees instead of recycled paper. And as a responsible tissue manufacturer, the brand uses only paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the world’s most trusted forest management company. It means that PurSoft purely uses paper that comes from responsibly-managed forests.

On top of that, PurSoft’s Satin Soft range does not use any optical brightening agents (OBAs) in its manufacturing process, and this reduces overall toxicity in the paper. This makes it safe to use on all skin types, and it will not aggravate skin allergies.

Pursoft’s three-ply Satin Soft Facial Tissue Paper

Make a difference in your life by choosing PurSoft’s three-ply Satin Soft Facial Tissue Paper, which will be available at selected major supermarkets in October. Introductory offers will be available in various selected major supermarkets.