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In the world of double taps and red hearts, we’re all about mastering the art of the perfect selfie. Now, nailing the perfect selfie isn’t that easy.

While it’s not exactly rocket science, it does require some skills and practice, together with the right combination of light, angle and photo filters.

To help you nail the perfect selfie to the T, here are eight tips from our favourite celebrities and online personalities.

Say goodbye to taking 5,000 selfies (no judgement there, we get you), only to end up not posting any, and hello to taking the perfect one.


1. Look up at the camera


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Never under-estimate the importance of angles. Looking up at the camera is the easiest way to soften your features and make your eyes sparkle, especially if you’re wearing gorgeous eye makeup, like Yeri from Red Velvet.

Just make sure the camera is slightly above eye level and raise your eyebrows to make your eyes appear bigger.


2. Use natural lighting


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We cannot emphasise enough on the importance of having good lighting when taking a selfie.

As seen from Selena Gomez’s take, selfies during golden hour (the period after sunrise or before sunset) are always the prettiest, giving you that coveted glow when the sunlight hits your face.

However, harsh sunlight will bring out every line, wrinkle, pore and emotion, so refrain from taking selfies directly under the sun.

If you’re indoors, sit by the window or somewhere where you can catch a good ray of light without it beaming directly on you.


3. Lower your chin


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Everyone’s favourite selfie tip. According to Kim Kardashian, this angle makes your face look smaller and sharper, and makes your features appear more streamlined.

It also gets rid of a potential double chin, which can easily add 20 pounds to any picture. To nail this hack, all you need to do is point your chin down, and then stick it out like a turtle.


4. Pout


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Want to make your lips appear fuller or show off that new lipstick of yours? You just need to pout in your pictures.

Selfie queen Kylie Jenner revealed that she pouts before every picture to make her lips look fuller and more luscious.

As silly as it sounds, this pose is actually very flattering and gives off an effortless flirty look. Consider your thirst trap nailed.


5. Look to the side


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There are some people who only take pictures of the left side of their faces.

An example is Ariana Grande and it’s evident through her Instagram flicks and magazine photoshoots.

It’s been reported that a straight-on angle isn’t always the most flattering because most faces aren’t naturally symmetrical.

Next time when you’re taking a selfie, turn to the side a little. If you don’t know your best side, try snapping a few pictures of your left side first, then your middle and right sides, to make an assessment.


6. Opt for a mirror selfie


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Imagine this: You’re not really in the mood for a face selfie, but you’re totally digging your outfit.

Why not opt for a mirror selfie instead? They can be super cute and even playful depending on your pose.

Make sure that the background isn’t overly cluttered, but even if it is, make it seem like it was intentional, just like what Blackpink’s Jennie did.


7. Tilt your head slightly


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Watch yourself go from frumpy to fleek in an instance just by tilting your head when posing for a selfie.

This flattering angle is a hack that most celebrities and online personalities swear by.

Not only does it make you look super dreamy and adorable, it also makes your neck look slimmer. If you want to go for a girl-next-door vibe like IU, this is the pose for you.


8. Play with filters


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Filters are all the rage nowadays.

They help to alter the tone of the picture, cover up your blemishes and make your skin look so good, as seen on TWICE’s Dahyun.

Apps such as SNOW and B612 are popular for their cute animated stickers and dreamy beauty filters, while VSCO and Snapseed are perfect for colour-correcting and adjusting the exposure, contrast and saturation.

Feel free to play around with the different settings and filters – just try not to overdo it!