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Image: Corbis

#1 Museums
If you’ve always been a bit of an art geek or history lover, there’s no better way to get your date interested in what you love than taking him to a museum. The National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum are perfect for dates as both you and your partner can take a leisurely walk through the museum and learn together. The beautiful historical pieces and informative showcases in the museums will make your date an educationally enriching one — perfect if you’re both constantly hungry for knowledge.

In addition, if you’re heading down to the National Museum of Singapore, you’ll want to take a camera along so that both you and your date can take beautiful #ootds in front visualisers and displays.

#2 The Esplanade
If you are both music lovers, why not head down to the Esplanade to enjoy free concerts? The Esplanade presents a music event called Beautiful Sunday which is held once a month on Sunday, and features local music groups and talents. The next time you’re looking for something to do on a Sunday night, why not enjoy a free concert with the best company?

#3 Marina Barrage
Looking for something fun to do, but tired of paying the entrance fees for theme parks and other ‘touristy’ destinations? Why not have a date filled with fun and sunshine at the Marina Barrage? The only tricky part about having a date at this destination would be that you’ll have to be very sure than Mr Sun is on your side before setting off.

You can choose to have a chill day at the barrage and simply pack a picnic mat and a few snacks while you and your date laze around on the grass doing almost nothing at all. If you’re up for something more active, you can also choose to bring a kite along with you and have fun running around and flying your kite with your date. You can have a really romantic time flying kites too — think (maybe) Titanic-style kite flying?

#4 The Substation
Do your dates usually consist of booking tickets to the cinema and a box of popcorn? Why not change things up and head down to The Substation for an artsy date. You’ll be able to catch free screenings of short films every first Monday of the month during the First Take event. If you and your date are creative minds who are interested in films and filmmaking, you would want to take this chance to support local talent and gain more knowledge of creating films as some of the filmmakers will be present as well.

#5 Mount Faber
If you’re both really active people and love the outdoors, try hiking up Mount Faber! Besides being able to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll also be able to see our island through the telescopes that are set up along the ridges. If one of your relationship goals at the start of this year was to ‘get fit together’, this will be a good opportunity for both of you to unwind and just enjoy being in each other’s company amongst nature.

If all else fails and you both end up sitting on the couch like sacks of potatoes, here’s something you should know — there’s nothing wrong with that! Grab a bag of chips, a bottle of wine and put your favourite movie on. You don’t really need to do something fancy when the company is already A class, right?

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