There was no monotonous cardio workout for all at last Friday’s Shape Glow.

B Shape Glow zumba belly blitz amore fitness all-night dance party zouk and phuture.png

Participants grooved and gyrated to a healthier body at the all-night dance workout party hosted by our sister magazine, Shape.

In the second edition of this event, 450 participants spent almost two hours dancing as part of two invigorating group exercises, Zumba and Belly Blitz.

These aerobic exercises conducted by Amore Fitness instructors are inspired by traditional belly dance moves and various styles of Latin American dance.

“This was the perfect way to end a work week. Nothing says TGIF better than a groovy workout and rousing music. Holding our event here at Zouk and Phuture means that those who are still raring to go can party on,” said Shape magazine editor Li Yuling.

What’s more, participants received goodies worth more than $174 after the event.

They include a full year’s subscription to the magazine, a one-week Amore Fitness access pass and spa voucher, Reebok voucher, delectable snacks as well as health care and personal care products.

Don’t want to miss out on another event like this? Head over to Shape’s website and get up to date with all the activities lined up this year, as well as more fitness, health and diet tips!