New portable swimming device tracks your laps, calories burnedFresh on the heels of the recently released Striiv, a UK-designed portable fitness device called Swimtag aims to come to a pool near you to help monitor your laps and make swimming more interactive.

The product launched this summer at pool centers in the UK, but hopes to expand its reach even further once it builds traction.

To use the device, swimmers collect the wristbands at reception, put on the device, and then hit the pool — “no calibration, training or instruction manuals are required, just jump in the pool and enjoy your swim,” according to the website.

After your swim, return the wristband to the docking station and all of your performance data and statistics, including calories burned, are analyzed and uploaded automatically. You can view your data online on your smartphone or computer, or via web-connected kiosks.

Aimed at all levels of swimmers, Swimtag records the number of lengths, split times, stroke rate, and stroke type, allowing you to share results with friends, set yourself personal challenges, get involved in online competitions, share updates, and schedule joint swims.

“There is also the option to set larger challenges — for example, swimming the English Channel or Atlantic Ocean — where users can compete against friends or in a team, plotting their progress on an interactive map and sharing results on Facebook and Twitter,” writes blog Springwise on Monday.

Swimtag has also integrated with JustGiving, which allows users to raise money for charity as they swim. The product is available for free to members of private pools while paying a monthly fee for public pools.

Also another swimmer-designed tool is Speedo’s online club to finetune your form and help you meet other swimmers, while also promoting new Speedo merchandise. Accessible via both the Speedo website and an iPhone app, the club lets users form a virtual swim team via Facebook to connect with others, share tips, offer support, and motivate each other to achieve their swimming goals. — AFP RELAXNEWS