longplay vinyl booth 640.jpg

The LongPlay bar has over 4,000 records in their collection. Image: LongPlay

Music lovers, get your trebles up ‒ this new bar in town will leave you chillin’ in a beat.

LongPlay has just opened but we bet this Haji Lane newcomer will take off soon ‒ the homey lounge specialises in playing vintage vinyl classics from the ‘50s to the ‘70s, while serving up great snacks with their alcohol. 

You will definitely enjoy the Togarashi squid ($14); it’s served with a generous dip of spicy, citrusy Harissa sauce and is a refreshing snack that you will keep popping it into your mouth before you even realise it’s gone.

longplay squid and buttermilk chicken.jpg

What really got me going was the buttermilk chicken ($12). Thanks to the two day marination process, the chicken bits are tender, juicy and bursting with flavour (I swear, I’m not confusing this place with some fried chicken establishment), the chicken will leave you with a lingering  aftertaste not unlike satay – except its not chao da (burnt) at the edges. The snack foods are all boneless as well so you can eat them with no fuss.

If you’re looking for something a little more filling than nibbles, fret not – Long Play have pretty substantial eats like an open toasted sourdough sandwich, a good ol’ mac and cheese, as well as sweet potato chips with yoghurt.

longplay Fred Ast'air'e.jpg

Food aside, we’re liking the drinks too ‒ we tried the Fred Ast’air’e ($20) and Rock Island Iced Tea ($20). Snazzy names, right? The Fred Ast’air’e is a tribute to everyone’s favourite Singing in the Rain, and just like the movie, the drink is nostalgic and subtly floral, though it tastes just a hint of cough syrup.

Rock Island iced tea was a slightly watered down version of the usual Long Island, but with a new twist nevertheless ‒ light and zesty, it’s a great drink for warming into hardier mixers.

Overall, I would say that this bar is a nine out of ten. My only gripe? They don’t have any plans to expand the narrow space; so no nostalgic watered down covers from live bands anytime yet. Meanwhile, you’ll just have to keep waiting to get in, or be in standing room only!

LongPlay is located at 4 Haji Lane, open on Tuesdays to Saturdays at 12pm-3pm and 6pm to 12am. For more information, follow LongPlay on Facebook and Instagram here. #longplaysg