Netflix is coming to Singapore! If anything, the collective cheers of couch potatoes all over our tiny island are already enough to show the popularity of this Internet television network.

The service is slated to expand into Singapore early 2016 so excited viewers here can enjoy their favourite television programmes and even kids shows on demand.

If you’re an avid fan of dramas, sitcoms and films from the United States, you’ll know the pain of streaming a low-quality video just to be able to know what happens in the new episode before someone on the internet spoils it for you. As Netflix takes over our lives in 2016, viewers will be able to watch these programmes in high-definition and even Ultra HD 4K on most internet connected screens (basically just really high, drool-worthy definition).

If you’re not yet acquainted with this service, you’ll be able to watch shows (sans commercials) on any of your devices, be it television, computer or smart phones, as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Expections, expectations. Here are a few shows that we’ll want to catch once Netflix arrives.

First up, we’ve got House Of Cards on our radar. This online-only television series has done so well that it is has become the very first in it’s category to get nominated for major Emmy awards! If you love watching dramas about power, big schemes, realism and politics, you’ll definitely want to give this show a watch.

netflix oitnb.png

Image: Netflix Instagram

Another show that needs no introduction is Orange Is The New Black. If Ruby Rose breaking the internet was not enough to get you interested in this show, the complex relationships and intriguing backstories of the characters will be more than enough to get you hooked. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how the show takes you into the life of prisoners and shows you how these people are more than just the crimes they committed.

netflix daredevil main.png

Image: Daredevil Instagram

Marvel fans will be a happy bunch too. Besides being able to watch Marvel’s daredevil, which has been renewed for a second season in 2016, Netflix will expand their Marvel Universe programmes with Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Marvel’s Luke Cage and also Marvel’s Iron Fist.

If you have kids at home, they will not feel left out as Netflix is said to be bringing back a new reboot of Carebears and cousins next year. Before Carebears gets released however, old-school shows like Pokemon, Powerpuff girls, Arthur and The Magic School Bus would be more than enough to keep them entertained.

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