Movie listing for April - american reunionAmerican Pie: Reunion (M18)
Seeing Jason Biggs’ character, now married and with child, tackle the all-too-familiar issue of a dwindling sex life shows that every one has to grow up sooner or later. Of course, this is American Pie we’re talking about ‒ there’s so much gross-out humour at this high school reunion that you’ll forget they’re supposed to be adults. Watch it if that’s your kind of thing.







Movie listing for April - mirrorMirror Mirror (PG)
We heard that this adaptation of Snow White doesn’t have as much bite as the other version starring Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron due out soon. Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen? It’s quite a stretch no matter how good an actress she is. We do like Lily Collins (daughter of Phil) enough to want to see this film ‒ her previous acting attempts (The Blind Side, Abduction) were pretty likeable.







Movie listing for April - the-vowThe Vow (G)
Think of this as the serious version of the Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore romcom 50 First Dates (which we adored, by the way) with a hotter, buffer male lead. Rachel McAdams plays Channing Tatum’s wife who loses her memory after an accident. Tatum then has to win her heart all over again. How sweet.







Movie listing for April - titanicTitanic 3D (G)
“You know what people need to be reminded of in 2012? Titanic. And we should make a 3D version since that’s the cool thing now.” That’s what we imagine the brainstorm session in which the idea for this mooted. And guess what? We’re total suckers for it. The film was the blockbuster film of our generation. Let’s hope watching the 3D version won’t ruin our good memories of it.



Movie listing for April - the last circusThe Last Circus (R21)
Warning: Skip this film if you’re deathly afraid of clowns because it’s full of them. The macabre, sadistic horror flick starts off with the “Happy” Clown massacring an entire platoon of soldiers in a bloodbath then going on to a tragic love story where one tries to save the abused, tortured wife from the cruel other.







Movie listing for April - housefullHousefull 2 (PG, in Hindi)
Four fathers, four daughters, four potential son-in-laws with the same name ‒ No one does comedy capers involving matchmaking attempts, opposing families and mistaken identities like Bollywood. Also, Akshay Kumar might just be the only Bollywood action hero who can do comedy so well too ‒ Singh is Kinng was hilarious.







Movie listing for April - 3x trouble3X Trouble (PG 13)
In this joint movie effort between China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, three men (Dai Yang Tian, Rynn Lin and Jack Lim) hatch a plot to steal a car for money, only to find themselves implicated in a murder and with a girl in the trunk (sexy Taiwanese singer Landy Wen).







Movie listing for April - nightfallNightfall (PG13)
Simon Yam is a detective in this crime thriller, investigating the brutal murder of a Hong Kong celebrity. All is not what it seems as he delves deeper, discovering shocking secrets and links between suspect and victim.








Movie listing for April - dark flightDark Flight (NC 16, in Thai)
The plot for this Thai horror flick seems bone-chillingly good, so much so that we’d watch it even if we had an irrational fear of taking planes. After surviving a plane crash which she’s sure was caused by angry souls, New re-starts her flight attendant job again only to find that the plane she’s on is actually the same one which crashed ten years ago. And the same spirits are on it too. Shudder.






Movie listing for April - street-dance2Street Dance 2 (G, in 3D)
If the first thing which comes to your mind when you see the title Street Dance 2 is “There was a part one to this?”, you’re not alone. But there’s lots to expect from the people who combined ballet and hip hop dance successfully in their first venture. This time, a man takes on a formidable dance crew with his own group of misfits.



Movie listing for April - battleshipBattleship (G)
Aliens battle the navy in this epic action film, also known as the one Rihanna is making her movie debut in ‒ she plays an FBI agent, and was cast in the role because she’d bring an “urban swagger” to the role, according to director Peter Berg. Who cares about her swagger, just enjoy the special effects and hot guys.








Movie listing for April - three-stoogesThe Three Stooges (TBC)
What hijinks would Larry, Curly and Moe find themselves in if they were transported to the 21st century? In this remake by the Farrelly Brothers of the iconic series, they’d become accidental reality TV stars after foiling a murder plot.







Movie listing for April - perfectPerfect Two (PG)
We like to think of this as sort of a continuation of the Taiwanese TV series Mars with Vic Chou and Barbie Hsu, where Chou played a young playboy who liked to race motorcycles. Chou is now an ex-racing champion who has fallen from grace, only to have the sudden appearance of his wife and child after six years shake up his life. The wife takes off again, leaving him to bond with his son.