April 23

Butterfly movie
Madam Butterfly 3D

The super popular opera, as performed at the London Royal Opera House and by top talents like soprano Zhang Liping, is now in 3D for hardcore opera buffs to take in all the glory.








Naruto movie Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison (PG13, in Japanese)
Fans of the manga series will be happy to see the eighth Naruto movie make it to big screens here. This time, Naruto’s imprisoned for a supposed assassination attempt and needs to prove his innocence and prevent his powers from being stolen by the castle master.



Gone movie
(PG 13)

Amanda Seyfried transforms into a revenge-hungry woman who is out to find the serial killer who’s kidnapped her sister, and who might be the same person who kidnapped her years before. Since the police don’t believe her, she’s chasing the criminal on her own.







The Lucky One with an intro from author Nicholas Sparks MOVIE POSTER
The Lucky One (PG13)

Okay, we have to admit that we’re actually considering watching this mushy film about a soldier who returns from Iraq to find the girl in a photo he’s kept throughout his tour of duties. Why? Because the film trailer is an exercise in Zac Efron face and body appreciation, and we’ve had a thing for him ever since the loveable High School Musical series. Check it out for yourself.







Kami movie
Kami Voice: The Voice Makes A Miracle (PG, in Japanese)
Two voice actors behind a very popular anime series drop out of the scene for good. One ends up teaching at an academy and meets a group of students who will change all their lives for the better.








Cabin movie
The Cabin in the Woods (M18)
Well, we’re pretty sure you can guess the plot just going by the title, but this horror movie’s a little different hence the tagline “You think you know the story”. Co-produced and written by Joss Whedon (Buffy, anyone?), the film involves two technicians doing experiments on the kids spending their weekend at the cabin, zombies, werewolves and other ghouls.







Delicacy movie
The Delicacy (PG13, in French)
After losing her husband unexpectedly, Nathalie (played by Audrey Tautou who’s still cute as a button) concentrates on her career until she crosses paths with her dorky colleague. They try to make the relationship work in this comedy filled with a mix of whimsy and melancholy which only the French can do so well.








Apr 30

Avengers movie
The Avengers (G)
To say this movie is highly anticipated by comic book nerds, action movie lovers and well, anyone who likes seeing buff men in tight superhero costumes, is an understatement. It gathers Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and others to fight a powerful enemy.








Raven movie
The Raven (Rating unavailable)

Edgar Allan Poe comes to life and becomes sort of a crime-solving detective. Played by John Cusack, Poe, who’s written a series of crime stories for the local newspaper, now has to prevent someone one close to him from becoming the victim of a serial killer copying his fictional methods.








Pov movie
P.O.V (PG13)

When will people ever learn that shooting paranormal phenomena on their cameras will always lead to some sort of horrific ending? It’s the case here, as two Japanese schoolgirls discover some shall we say, ghoulish discrepancies on the footage and consult a psychic who recommends an exorcism of sorts to get rid of the demons in their school.







Pleasures movie
House of Pleasures (R21)
A film set in an early 20th century French brothel with the beguiling award-winning actress Hafsia Herzi. The idea came from director Bertrand Bonello who had a desire to portray the dynamics between a group of strong women.







Tezz movie
Tezz (Rating unavailable, in Hindi)

Ajay Devgan and Anil Kapoor go head to head in this action thriller about a man on a revenge trip and a cop who needs to stop him before it’s too late.