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With less than two weeks to go, are you fretting over how to celebrate Mother’s Day with a bang to commemorate your lovely mother?

No worries, because we’ve rounded up seven events located islandwide that you can easily partake in with mum. From watercolour painting classes to an afternoon of nostalgic tunes at the Esplanade, these activities are a chance for you to create new memories while bonding and reconnecting with your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!


1. Tuck into a hearty meal


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Date: May 9 to 12

More than just a comforting, hearty meal, a bowl of porridge is probably a dish we all grew up eating, especially when we were ill as a child. To celebrate that memory, Mui Kee Congee has created a special set menu, comprising a drink, its signature fish belly congee and a choice of sides from options such as century eggs with pickled ginger and fried dough fritters or fried wantons — just for Mother’s Day weekend between May 9 to 12.

Priced at $18.90++ per person, this set will definitely satiate your tastebuds while bringing you and mum down memory lane. Best of all, she doesn’t need to slave over the stove. Head to Mui Kee’s website for more information.


2. Learn watercolour painting

Date: Now till end June

Ever felt the satisfaction of creating a beautiful artwork with your very own two hands? Well, with the guided watercolour painting lessons at the Visual Arts Centre (VAC), you can. From now till June 30, VAC is running a promotion just for Mother’s Day, where eight sessions of watercolour painting will cost you $348 (if you book after the end of May, it will be $368; U.P. $460 for 10 sessions) and will be split equally between you and your mother (that is, you’d get four sessions each). All you need to bring to the class is your imagination and creativity as materials will be provided.

Other than basic foundational techniques, you’ll also learn colour blending and layering. If mum takes to these sessions, you can even transfer your sessions over to her as an extra treat. For more information and booking, head to VAC’s website.


3. Unwind with forest bathing


The power of a pause. Have you ever attended a presentation where the speaker pauses intentionally, the resounding silence follows, and the point is powerfully made across? The power of the. pause. Imagine the same in your life. As you juggle all the demands of your life, all the matter that needs your attention, all the deadlines that need you to match up, you. pause. A space-giving moment. A breath-giving moment. We are pausing and forest bathing at the Japanese Garden this Saturday. Giving attention to nature, ourselves, and the pauses. Resting in the pause. . or visit the link in our profile! #pause #forestbathing #naturetherapy #restriseshine

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Date: May 11

Touting to be more than just a walk in the park, forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku in Japanese, is suitable even if you’re not a nature lover. Through slow walks through nature, forest bathing is said to improve one’s immunity, clear the mind, and lower stress and blood pressure levels, making it a great way for your stressed out mother (and don’t forget yourself) to take a break, breathe in crisp, fresh air, and reconnect with herself. The event will be conducted by Xiu Nature Connections at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and a pair of tickets will cost $110 via their website.


4. Try your hand at lettering and calligraphy

Date: May 11

Make your cards prettier while having fun with mum by learning how to write words with fancy penmanship and calligraphy from these lettering classes. The first is by Tan Su Sian, a calligrapher of over a year, who will be teaching copperplate calligraphy at a two and a half hour workshop.

Priced at $90 per person, you’ll learn western calligraphy and design your own notebook. Get more information via her Instagram @tan_su_sian. Else, you can learn the art of typography and lettering from Robyn held at the multi-label lifestyle Merci Marcel Club Street. The $95 per person workshop will come accompanied with tea and delights from the cafe while you and your mother flex creative muscles. Register for Robyn’s workshop via

The best part? You can craft your first card with your newfound skills and give it to mum.


5. Make your own blend of flower tea

Date: May 12

Not only does a cup of flower tea smell great, these calming teas come with a host of health and wellness benefits. Singapore tea brand Pétale Tea will be hosting a workshop at the Suntec City Convention Centre where it will teach you how to make your own blend of floral infusions from ingredients such as marigold (reduce cramps and promotes optimal blood circulation), jasmine (antibacterial) and gomphrena (detoxifying and anti-ageing). Pétale Tea is known for its hand sewn blooming tea balls.

Tickets cost $37.61 via its website and each participant will walk away with a $10 cash voucher.


6. Attend a sound healing class


Sound Healing ~ works on the principle that everything in our universe is energy which has a vibration. Everything in existence with the universe is in a vibrational state. The frequency at which we normally vibrate is called resonance. Certain sounds therefore will resonate with different organs and parts of the body. Sound has scientifically proven to have an effect on our autonomic immune and endocrine systems as well as the neuropeptide transmitters in our brain. Every sound journey is unique. The healing, relaxation, rejuvenation that can be experienced in this practice is accessible to all. #soundhealingtherapy #singingbowlmeditation #healing

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Date: May 11

We’ve already waxed lyrically about the benefits of sound healing — it uses sound as a healing method to reduce stress levels and calm the mind while revitalising and rejuvenating the body. Dedicate Mother’s Day as a day to unwind and destress, all while bonding with your mother, over a session of sound bathing by Harmonic Space. Held at One Heart Wellness Centre at 37 Tembeling Road, the event will be led by yoga instructor and sound healer Jasmine as she uses sound therapy to soothe you and centre your body’s balance.

Tickets costs $20 per person and you can get more information and register your interest at Harmonic Space’s website.


7. Reminisce over nostalgic tunes

esplanade getai

Photo: Esplanade 

Date: May 12

If you’re like me, you probably grew up listening to old Chinese tunes from singers such as Teresa Teng as your parents played them over the sound system. Treat your mother and reminisce over the good ol’ days with a special Mother’s Day concert held at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Local getai artiste Lee Peifen will host the night, while singers Anddi Goh, Jessie Yeong and Coco Xian will be performing classic Chinese hits and nostalgic tunes from yesteryear by Zhou Xuan, Teresa Teng, Qing Shan and more. Mum will be so thrilled. Head over to Esplanade’s website for ticketing information.