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Let’s face it, some of us are morning people and some of us aren’t. While some of us are ready to face the day as soon as we open our eyes, the rest of us need a bit more time to slowly warm up to the idea of getting out of bed.

What you do at the start of the day reveals more than whether or not you are a morning person; it also gives some clues about your personality. Here are nine scenarios to go through, see which ones describe you best. 


You’re constantly pressing the ‘snooze’ button

snooze button

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Yes, you heard the alarm but there’s a reason the ‘snooze’ button was invented after all. It’s become such a habit that you now have to press it at least four times before you get out of bed. What this says about you: You like your comforts and appreciate the simple things in life (like sleeping).

You might think you’re getting more rest but, actually, the longer you snooze, the more groggy you’ll feel so try to get a fresh start by getting out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Also, those little bits of sleep you get in between hitting the snooze button isn’t beneficial in any way so why not just set your alarm for later if you’re going to wake up at that later time anyway? 

You’ll certainly feel more fresh this way too. 




You sleep in then rush to get dressed as quickly as possible

rushing to get dressed

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You’ve got this routine down to a tee – you know exactly how much time you need in the mornings to get dressed, yet get to work on time. So you enjoy your sleep till the last second because, well, sleep is important, right? 

What this says about you: You thrive on getting an adrenaline rush and are generally a thrill-seeker in life. Starting your day in a chaotic state – even if you are successful in getting everything done – isn’t the best scenario.

You’ll benefit more if you take your time in the morning, instead of rushing through it. 


You’re up before your alarm goes off


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You set your alarm every night but you’re practically already in the shower when it rings in the morning. The alarm is a mere formality to remind you that you have to get out of bed but you’re ready to start the day even before it rings. 

What this says about you: You get very good sleep and are therefore fully rested by the time you need to wake up. You’re also an eager early bird who is keen to catch the proverbial worm so why hang around in bed?

It also shows you’re a generally productive person, who gets things done on time – or even earlier. 


You eat breakfast every morning

eating breakfast

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You have your morning meal before you leave home, rain or shine, and regardless of what time you wake up. Even if you’re running late, you somehow always manage to grab a pack of yoghurt or a protein bar to snack on while you make your way out of your house. 

What this says about you: You’re health conscious because you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You’re also very disciplined because no matter what happens, you stick to this task of getting some early-morning nutrition.

It also shows you’re proactive in being as efficient as possible at work as you go in fed and don’t waste time grabbing food at the office.


You exercise before work


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Not only are you raring to go as soon as you get out of bed, you also manage to fit in a workout before you head to the office.  

What this says about you: You’re focussed and know exactly what you want in life. You set a goal and stick to it, no matter what.

You’re also more productive and happy throughout the day thanks to the rush of feel-good endorphins that are released during your morning workout. 


You get half a day’s work done before you even leave the house

drinking coffee

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You wake up super early, squeeze in a workout and even clear your inbox before having breakfast and getting dressed for work. Congratulations, you’re the epitome of a morning person. 

What this says about you: This one is obvious – you’re a perfectionist and an overachiever (yes, that’s a double whammy indeed!).

It also shows you’re dedicated to your job. But while being productive is good, it’s also beneficial to take time to smell the coffee so try not to cram in too many tasks in the early hours. 


You choose your outfit the night before

picking outfits

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You never need to scramble through your entire closet every morning screaming, “I have nothing to wear!”. This is because you’ve organised it all the night before, down to your accessories, so all you need to do in the morning is put them all on.

What this says about you: You’re the type who likes to make long-term plans in every aspect of your life. The future is not a grey area for you because you know exactly how it’s going to turn out.

You’re also obviously very well-organised and don’t appreciate surprises or spontaneous plans. 


You wear the first thing you get your hands on

putting on clothes

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You casually put an outfit together each morning, not planning in advance and, sometimes, not even caring if it matches. 

What this says about you: You enjoy giving yourself unnecessary stress, having to make decisions at the last minute when they could’ve been sorted earlier. 

It also shows you’re short-sighted and lack planning skills. But the good news is, you enjoy being spontaneous too.