Jason Mraz: Tour is a four letter wordRunning across a field filled with concert-goers is probably one of the last things I’d expect to do on a Friday night.

I could hear Jason Mraz singing ‘Bella Luna’ while I continued looking for that elusive Entrance 3, located at the other end of The Meadow.

I was late for this very concert and still in search of my friend, one of the biggest Jason Mraz fans that I know. Who was sadly, stuck ticket-less at the entrance as the concert went on.

But I admit that I did slow down a few paces along the way as I took in the concert atmosphere. Everyone seemed so laid-back and at ease; for a few brief seconds I wondered why I was still running around instead of joining the crowd in front of the stage.

No, get your head back on task!

And finally, I’m here. “What did I miss?” I asked, still trying to catch my breath. “Only five or six songs from his new album,” my friend answered dryly.

Obviously, the assumption that many concerts start late is no longer valid. This concert started right on time. I remembered my friend’s grim text from earlier, when I was still waiting for a cab: “all major performances are contractually bound to start on time and not go over time. . .” Great.

Still, we had made it to the concert and the sound quality was crisp and clear; it hardly felt like I was missing out on much.

We made our way from the back to the front of the stage.

“I see Jason!!” cheered my friend, who’s more than a head taller than I.

“I see his hat,” I observed.

“You want a lift?” she grins.

“No. Way.”

Hunger pangs then win over: we pop over to the Quiznos booth for subs, before leisurely strolling back to join the crowd.

Aside from a small group next to us (who unfortunately, had no concept of personal space), the concert atmosphere was mellow and laid-back, just like the Mraz tunes.

Some people sang and danced, the more reserved ones. . . clapped their hands. The even more sedentary fans were on their mats at the back of The Meadow; mostly the family crowd, content to spend a leisurely evening at the back of the field.

Jason Mraz: Tour is a four letter word concert, Singapore Jason Mraz: Tour is a four letter word concert, Singapore
Jason Mraz and his keen fans at the front of the stage

A pleasant surprise: Corrinne May appears on stage for a duet with Jason Mraz. The pair sang ‘Lucky’, one of Mraz’s top radio-friendly — albeit ultra-sappy —  tracks. Mraz then followed up with two more popular tracks ‘You and I Both’ and ‘I’m Yours’. 

Singers Jason Mraz and Corrinne May perform a duet
Jason Mraz and Corrinne May perform ‘Lucky’ together at the Mraz concert

But the highlight of the night had to be the encore performances: ‘Mr. Curiosity’ from his Mr. A-Z album, as well as recent hit ‘I Won’t Give Up’.

He sang and played ‘Mr. Curiosity’ on the piano, delivering a stirring operatic interlude. Call us blown away, Mr. Mraz.

At the end of the concert, the camera pans over to the audience, pausing at this particular girl with a straw hat . . .

“Is that HIS hat?” my friend shrieked. “I am hunting that girl down. . .”

Perhaps it was time for us to leave. . .

But if I’d thought the Mraz night was fairly sedate, the Corrinne May crowd on Saturday looked more like outdoor movie-goers than concert attendees.

Corrinne May in Concert, Singapore Corrinne May in Concert, Singapore

We could spot bursts of fireworks in the midst of the singer’s opening tracks: perfect for a concert under the stars.

The singer dressed to match the ‘Rhythm with Nature’ theme with yet another floral number: she wore a black maxi, after donning a white floral dress on Friday.

Performing popular tunes like ‘Fly Away’ and new track ‘Crooked Lines’, May shared more tidbits on her family and her favourite Singapore dish: “I’m having it everyday, for lunch and dinner”.

She even whips out her camera to take a photo of the audience at one point.

Rhythm With Nature: Corrinne May in concert Corrinne May in Concert, Singapore

Proud mum Corrinne May shows the crowd a drawing by her daughter, Claire. All concert images: Woohoo! Experience and Aloysius Lim.

Yes, she’s almost tooth-achingly sweet: Corrinne May even read out a lengthy “Thank you” list for this homecoming concert.

When asked to sing a song about Singapore, the singer laughs and says that she can’t play it on the guitar. She eventually does: she ends her concert encore with the 2010 National Day track.

Organisers tempt audiences to stay for a free movie screening: “we’re selling one-for-one Quiznos subs; drinks are going at half-price!”

We look at our empty cups and bowl, then at the crowd. Maybe not.

Jason Mraz: Tour is a Four Letter Word and Corrinne May in Concert were held on June 29 and 30 at The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay.

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