When the doyenne of domesticity, Martha Stewart, builds a gingerbread house for the holidays, you can bet it’s a showstopper. And this year, Stewart took inspiration from her favourite show, “Downton Abbey” to create a replica of the real-life Highclere Castle in England.

Martha Stewart built a gigantic ‘Downton Abbey’-inspired gingerbread castle lesley nicol_0.jpg
Actress Lesley Nicol who plays Ms. Patmore on Downton Abbey poses with Martha Stewart and the Gingerbread Abbey. | Images: ©Business Wire

The result is an impressive and edible recreation of the Grantham family estate, featuring 65 caramel windows, minute architectural details, and a friendly dog that stands guard over ‘Gingerbread Abbey.’

It took Stewart’s team of two bakers 34 hours, 66 cups of flour, 22 eggs, and 11 cups of molasses to create the cookie estate.

Martha Stewart built a gigantic ‘Downton Abbey’-inspired gingerbread castle.jpg

‘Gingerbread Abbey’ was also created to help mark the start of the show’s fifth season and its return on PBS in the US January 4, 2015.

Meanwhile, fans of the British period drama may want to check out a cheeky holiday sketch created for TV fundraiser Text Santa, in which George Clooney and Jeremy Piven made special cameos.

Ambitious home bakers can learn how to build their own Downton Abbey in a series of video tutorials that begin with http://bit.ly/1zo3gbV. — AFP RELAXNEWS