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That means orchestrating a standout moment that people want on their social media feeds. It will take effort. It will need enthusiastic cooperation from your guests. And for three of the five budgets, you will need a bigger budget.

1. Bring in a GIF photo booth


Everyone will love you for it because it captures motion for the kind of animated pictures that we all love to post. We recommend Cheese Effects (, which injects music and special effects; Fabfoto Booth (; and Gifsta.Printa ( They don’t come cheap, though – you’ll have to set aside between $430 and $780 for the first hour.

2. Get everyone to dress to a theme


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Make sure you have enough props to go around, so no party poopers have an excuse to sit out. Sarissa Schwartz, co-founder of SJS Group – it runs popular nightspots Bang Bang, Lulu’s Lounge and Employees Only – says:”If you’re organising an ugly-sweater party, have ugly sweaters ready. And have them at the front door for guests to throw on before they come in.”

Liv Lo, FLY Entertainment Artiste hosted a screening party for Surviving Borneo on Discovery Channel for her husband Henry Golding. “He couldn’t be there so I made masks of his face for all his friends to pose as him. We looked like the adoring fans of him that we are. He loved it.”

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3. Rope your guests into a murder mystery


Cooking school and event organiser Palate Sensations brings a whodunnit right into your home. Played over a four-course meal, each guest is assigned a character, and assumes that identity throughout. Clues are revealed, and players have to find out who killed the “victim”. You’ll need a minimum party size of eight. Prices start from $128 a player, including food.


4. Hire a Novelty Performer


Get someone who can work a room and make people laugh, says Schwartz. Magicians are good (try Unique Magic Entertainment’s Stefan Ebinger). So are tarot card readers (try Party Parlour’s for $220 an hour). If you have a pool, take the party there, and hire a mermaid like Cara Neo, founder of the Singapore Mermaid School. For $300, Cara brings a giant inflatable clam, amping up the wow factor.


5. Organise a trunk show


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This one’s for an all-girls party. The Wyld Shop brings three to four racks of Australian high-street labels to you at zero cost, so you can play dress-up at home. Gather at least 10 squad members. Any fewer, and you pay $150. Clothes will be offered at a special price, exclusive to the trunk show. The best part: credit cards are accepted. You can take your buys with you, or Wyld can mail them to your home.

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This story was originally published in the December 2017 issue of Her World magazine.