Photo: Kikki K

1. Kikki K House: Joy Tea Light Holder

Light up your home with these $24.90 ceramic tealight holders in the shape of houses. Warm and welcoming additions to any coffeetable or shelf, especially this festive season. Brownie points if you find sweet cinnamon tealights to house inside so that it always smells like Christmas in your living quarters. Find out more at


2. Scene Shang: The Banker Desk Lamp

Photo: Scene Shang

Add a touch of Shanghai’s Golden Age to your study desk for $328. Named banker’s lamps for it is redolent of when Shanghai bankers found themselves cajoling numbers as bustling days stretched into long nights back during booming business in the 1930s. The charming made to order lamps are available for order now and are due to arrive some time early February 2018. Find out more at


3. Vanilla Home: Claus Porto Soap Bars 


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Lather up with Claus Porto Soap Bars’ uplifting fragrance fit for a hotel. The 130-year-old Portugeuse beauty and fragrance label’s hand-crafted soaps are currently stocked at Vanilla Home on Club Street from $11 to $126. Go floral with the Voga soap – inspired by a spring bouquet of almond blossoms, mimosa and tuberose flowers – or the Ilyria Soap – a blend of sharp, fresh lemon with sweet honeysuckle and jasmine. Find out more at


4. The Artling: Censer by Saccal Design House

Photo: The Artling & Saccal Design House

Marble is the Instagrammer’s best friend. Challenging the notion that marble is a cold material, Saccal Design House sought to imbue it with a sense of ambiguity and a hint of poeticism. The rigidity of marble is also challenged as the stone was handcrafted as thinly as possible to enable a 3 in 1 functionality. It can be used an Oud burner, an oil diffuser, and a teal light (just place a small candle inside). Thanks to the thinness of the marble, candlelight emits a soft glow through the Carrara dome. Find out more at, where it is available for USD$340 (SGD$459.80). 

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5. Muji: Ceramic Cup 

Photo: Muji

Wind down after a long day with a cup of hot chocolate. Designed by Birds’ Words artist, Rie Ito, a Japanese artist from Osaka​, the patterns are applied all over the surface using stamps created by the artist herself. Its size and ergonomic three dimensional pattern gives you a very comfortable feeling when holding the $36 cup. The soft colours would go well with various colour schemes in case you wish to nail that Instagram flatlay. Find out more at


6. Naiise: Elixir+ Glass Tea Infuser by The Recherche

Photo: Naiise & The Recherche

Tide through rainy days nursing a nice hot cup of tea and a Netflix series. Made of natural and eco-friendly materials – wood (beech), glass and silicone rubber, this $27.90 aesthetically pleasing yet convenient tea stick makes one great gift for tea enthusiasts and those who are all about going green (what better way get a head start on your new year’s resolutions than by taking a step towards being more environmentally conscious?). Find out more at

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