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As much as we’ve been coined as a self-serving generation, we millennials are pretty good at connecting with each other (even when we can’t meet physically). It’s been more than a month since the Circuit Breaker measures were enforced…and let’s just say, with so many delivery options available, some of us got creative

Here are some of the heartwarming moments that we saw on the internet:

Keeping in touch 

Felicia, a 26 year-old creative, held a “Secret Scent-a” party with her friends over Zoom. It’s basically Secret Santa but candles are involved. 

She tells Her World: “My friend group decided to do a Secret Scent-a just to add some joy to our CB days (plus, to make our rooms cozy and nice-smelling since we’ll be stuck at home). So we all drew names and surprised one another by ordering scented candles to each other’s homes!”


In a time of uncertainty, it’s important to maintain social contact with others other than the K-drama actors (that we’re seeing way too often). For Felicia, staying connected with her loved ones, helping others when you can and doing yoga are just some of the ways she spends her time these days. “I’m privileged to have a nice, comfortable home with many outlets of entertainment,” she says. “Hang in there everyone, and remember to give back what you can to help those who’ve been impacted more by the Covid-19 pandemic!”

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Keeping the flame alive

Nerissa, a 25 year-old social media executive, and her boyfriend send food orders to each other every other day. “Since I can’t be with him physically, ordering food deliveries for each other are the next best physical option! Just a sign to say that I’m here for you,” she shares. “It’s about putting in the effort to maintain the relationship. I’m happy as long as it makes him happy.” 

As someone who enjoys running errands and heading out, Nerissa has found ways to cope with being stuck at home during the Circuit Breaker. She maintains that it’s important to stay positive and embrace the new norm. She says: “There are good and bad days. That’s life isn’t it irregardless of CB (haha). I’ve been finding different ways to cope – like cooking a lot and experimenting with new skills! Doing things that I’ve never imagined myself to do so before, it’s quite empowering.”

Support small businesses while sending love

Izzy, 26, has been spreading the love by ordering gelato from a family-owned business and sending pints to her boyfriend’s family. “You never really need an excuse to have gelato! I also wanted to support my family friends at Gelato Cottage as they’re a small business,” the project manager shares. 

Initially, adjusting to a work-from-home system was difficult for Izzy, who enjoys hanging out with her friends and colleagues. But Zoom calls and gifts have been a great way for her to cope with the CB measures. “I’m getting more used to being at home, and managing my work from home life a bit better. It was a lot harder at the beginning and I’m sure it’ll be an adjustment when this ends too!”

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