Floral arrangements tend to skew four ways – rustic, minimalist, romantic or wedding-esque. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy receiving bouquets though because after all, whether it’s between platonic friends or with romantic intents, nobody will reject receiving one. But for those who enjoy or seek one that’s a little off-beat, that’s where local florist Strange & Deranged comes in with their quirky and fun ones.

Founded by Mitch Wong who started out doing it as a passion project it for her airline girlfriends, Strange & Deranged is named after her personality (albeit exaggerated) and this is seen in her arrangements – they don’t have colour restrictions, skew slightly gothic and are often done free style. Each bouquet is also done in the mood she is in if you opt for her “freestyle” service – a sweet mood gives you a fluffy and pink bouquet or, if she’s feeling bad-ass, you’ll get an equally bad-ass looking one. But if you have something in mind, Mitch is more than happy to cater.

And besides just designing bouquets, Mitch does everything to do with blooms that’re just limited by your imagination – simple bouquets, rental of wedding arches, wedding pew decorations and even a marble box filled with flowers. Or, if you’re looking for a simple gift to brighten up someone’s day, Strange & Deranged offers a Bouquet of the Fortnight promotion which starts at $55 too.

Purchase a bouquet today at www.gerbilsgarden.com with free island wide delivery and express delivery if orders are made before 5pm.