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Live life better with the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE
Samsung Lifestyle Ambassador Desmond Tan and the newest gizmo in the market – the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE – definitely share a few similarities. They are both cool, sexy and talented. After all, they never fail to impress us with their capabilities and how they look great whether they are in black or white.
But Desmond knows there’s more to life than looking good. He has tapped into the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE to help make his life that much simpler.
We take his lead and find out just how this nifty gadget is going to help us work, play, and connect with people that much easier!
Let’s be practical; no one likes fingerprints on their touchscreen devices. It’s unhygienic, unsightly and affects what you see on screen.
Well, with Air Gesture, you can now change the track you’re listening to, browse images in your photo gallery, and even accept calls with just a wave of your hand on the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE. This technology allows for more convenient navigation and reduced contact with your phone screen, so you can wave goodbye to those fingerprints!
If you’re looking to learn a new language or just trying to decipher the latest tweet from your favourite K-pop star, the S Translator* will definitely come in handy.
Breaking down language barriers by providing instant translation on applications like email, text message and ChatON — a cross-platform messaging service, this handy feature can even translate from speech to text and vice versa. Travelling to a foreign land is going to be a breeze!
Speaking of contactless controls, we’re sure everyone can relate to this situation. You’re on the bus watching a video on your smartphone, watching a real intense breakup scene with a smokin’ hot actor when suddenly, you realise you’ve missed your stop and have to hastily alight. It’s just not the quite same when you have to rewind the video and watch that scene again.
But with the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE’s Smart Pause function, you’ll never miss a thing because videos automatically pause when you look away from the screen and start playing from where you left off when you look back.
A trip abroad is not complete without beautiful pictures to remember your adventures by. No fellow tourist around to help you with your shot with your boyfriend? No worries as the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE boasts a Dual Shot function that allows you to use the 13 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera simultaneously. This way, no one will be left out of the shot!
You can also choose from a variety of frame effects to blend both images seamlessly and adjust the size of the smaller image to create your very own unique photograph.
Last but not least, the Group Play feature allows you to share your adventures with your friends, so everyone gets a piece of the action.
Being able to play games, enjoy music, and exchange pictures and documents with the people around you without the need for a Wi-Fi® or cellular signal means the fun never stops with the Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE.
The Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE, $988 without contract, is available in Black Mist and White Frost with 16GB memory at all telecommunication operators and major consumer electronics/IT stores.
You’ve seen just a few ways in which the Samsung GALAXY S4 LTE can make your life simpler. Now’s your chance to win a Samsung GALAXY S4 With LTE every week when you tell us how YOU use the smartphone to make your life simpler.
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*S Translator may require internet access and be subject to data charges depending on usage. Available languages are limited, and actual performance may vary, depending on language spoken, accents, and surrounding environment. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance.