You had a grand plan to re-organise your life in December 2018. Come January, you forget about it.

And now, it’s already March. 

Well, don’t sit on those plans anymore because if you want to get your life together ASAP, start now. 

Ahead are 10 tips for you to physically and mentally Konmari your life. 


1. Invest in your health

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Here’s a sure-fire way to make you feel better: Get into your sportswear and get some exercise. Endorphins release stress, clear your mind and make you happy. With so many new fitness classes available, you can pick whichever piques your interest. Have a difficult decision to make? Decide after working out so that whatever you choose is grounded in reason rather than emotion.

The next step is to eat healthier and watch your calories. Your workout will come to naught if you pig out after every work-out sesh. Besides, eating healthy is easier than working away calories. Oh and make it a point to schedule yourself for regular health checkups.

When you invest in your health, the benefits may not be immediately apparent but in the long run it sure is worth it. With a sound body, your mind will improve naturally.


2. Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize


In other words, stop sacrificing what you want most for what you want right now.

Temporary pleasures like watching Netflix, when turned into an everyday habit, can be destructive towards achieving any longterm goals. How? By taking time away from whatever it is you want to achieve, be it a long-term project like writing a book or building a business.

Stop procrastinating and remind yourself why you want what you want — every day — so that you won’t settle for instant gratification.


3. Meditate


Your mental health is as important as your physical one. Meditation doesn’t have to be spiritual; in fact most of the times it is not. Meditation is the process of quieting your mind, or “practising mindfulness”, which essentially means being present in whatever it is you are doing. Many people meditate to calm themselves down, hone their attention prowess and be aware of their feelings and thoughts. It can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve communication. Make meditation a daily habit and you will carry the benefits throughout the year. And yes, that means put your phone down!



4. Challenge your preconceived notions

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Bearing in mind that there’s always room for new ideas and new perspectives, make it a point to constantly review and challenge your current understanding of life. From your dreams to your prejudices, don’t be afraid to refine them and explore other possibilities. Continuously learning challenges the mind and prevents us from becoming too rigid in our views of the world. Once you accept that life is about change, you will never stop improving.


5. Look fear in the eye


Want to climb that mountain or start a new business? Or even have a talk with someone important? Not attempting because of fear is a tragedy bigger than failing. And remember: The best people will never judge you for having courage and failing. What’s more, once you start acting and stop holding back, the jigsaw pieces will fall into place eventually. As life coach Tony Robbin says: “The path to success is to take massive, determined action.”


6. Try not to take things personally

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It is an agitated and insecure ego that likes to take things personally. That is harmful not only to your relationships, but also your mental well-being, by making you stressed from the 24/7 drama. Keep your head down, be kind, and do your best. Smile more and be grateful. That’s all that matters.


7. Don’t judge

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Start with not judging yourself for being imperfect. You can fail and still be great, smart, and capable of success. Then stop judging people for being who they are. Be aware of what’s going on — that is enough. With judgment comes negativity and no one needs that.


8. Learn from your failures

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What happened in 2018 that affected you the most?

Reflect on both your personal and professional life and own your mistakes.

Can you learn anything from them? How can you be better this year and stop the same mistakes from happening again?



9. Spend time with the right people

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As you grow older your social circle shrinks. That is normal, and that is why you should make time for the few who would make you smile, for those who care for you and whom you truly care for. Invest time and effort in people who are willing to do the same for you. You’ll want them there come next year.


10. Create a morning routine

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Nothing beats starting the day with purpose. Whatever your morning routine is — be it exercise, meditation, or working on a side project — you’ll feel more accomplished by lunchtime than most people. Also, waking up earlier spares you any stress of running late, and sets you up for the day. Maintaining a morning routine for months (including sleeping earlier) is also good training for your discipline and is beneficial for your health.