If you are thinking about joining the tablet-convertible club, Lenovo has released a range of eight touchscreen laptops and a multimode desktop for you to choose from.

A tablet-convertible is a laptop with a detachable tablet slate. Simply remove the tablet from the keyboard dock while on the go and reattach it for extra ports, keyboard use and better connectivity.

The new Ideacentre desktop, five improved Ideapad laptops and three Thinkpad laptops each have their own specialised forms and functions aside from their touch-enabled screens.

We’ve sifted through the lot and picked three noteworthy models: The Ideacentre Horizon, a 27 inch screen multi-mode desktop capable of turning into a games table; the Ideapad Yoga 11s tablet-laptop with four bendable modes; and the Thinkpad Helix, which puts the power of a business Ultrabook into a tablet.


This 27-inch desktop can stand on its own as a widescreen tablet with a wireless keyboard and mouse, or transform into a gaming table on a stand with roller wheels.

The Horizon’s star feature is its “Table PC” function, called the Aura Interface. When placed parallel to the ground, the Aura Interface allows up to four persons to use it simultaneously, making it perfect for family and group entertainment.

The Ideacentre comes preloaded with multi-player games and educational apps like Monopoly, Skype and Lenovo’s own Roulette and Air Hockey. The folks at Lenovo have also designed their own exclusive set of physical accessories for your entertainment – joysticks, e-dice and strikers.

With a 10-finger multi-touch sense, wide 27 inch HD display and Dolby home theater v4 sound quality, this tablet-pc is one that can dive straight into the centre of attention.


As the name “yoga” suggests, laptops in the Ideapad series are extremely flexible. The Ideapad Yoga 11s laptop is the newer, slimmer and more portable version of its sibling, the Ideapad Yoga 13.

Weighing less than 1.4kg, the Yoga laptop offers a 360 degree Flip and Fold design, which allows you to bend it into 4 different shapes; the typical laptop mode, folded tablet mode, tent mode and the stand mode for different uses. For example, use the tablet mode for gaming and the stand mode for viewing movies.

Software-wise, the Yoga 11s laptop has the power of a business-oriented Ultrabook as it is available with the latest processor, the 3rd generation Intel Core i7. It can also transfer data 10 times faster with USB 3.0, up from the standard USB 2.0.

With Motion Control, you can use the webcam to tell your laptop what to do: flip pages, rewind music, change volume, and gesture simple commands with the flick of your hand.

Its touchscreen capabilities include the 10 finger multi-sense technology, HD display and even voice control. The Yoga 11s laptop’s features and flexible modes could make long hours on your laptop a better experience for you.


The Helix is Lenovo’s premium tablet-laptop convertible with all the power you need to run a business on it. It has up to 10 hours of battery life on the tablet alone, an 11.6 inch full HD display and Lenovo’s spill-resistant Precision keyboard.

It also comes with a digitised pen which converts your handwriting into digital text – we all know how convenient that can be for note-taking at meetings and writing quick emails on the go.

The Helix has a “Rip and Flip” form, which means you can remove the tablet slate from the keyboard dock, flip it 180 degrees and slot it back into the keyboard slate. It becomes a mini-movie theatre or business presentation central and can then be folded down into a tablet, keeping the extra ports for connectivity.

The tablet slate itself weighs in among the lightest of tablets at 835g and is the thinnest full-function Intel 3rd generation Core tablet with vPro. This PC really brings the mobility to business-standard laptops and small-medium enterprises.

The IdeaCentre Horizon is available at Lenovo Exclusive Stores and all Courts outlets with prices from $2,899. The Lenovo Ideapad starts from $1,399 and The ThinkPad Helix from $2,199. Get more information on Lenovo’s new range from http://www.lenovo.com/sg/en/ and Lenovo’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Lenovo.SG.