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Credits: Instagram/@jjlin

Mandopop king Jay Chou surprised fans attending Singaporean singer JJ Lin’s Taipei on Sunday night, appearing on stage to duet and trade banter with his friend.

Lin, 41, shared a series of photos on Instagram from the second night of his sold-out JJ20 World Tour, including one with Chou, 43.

In the caption, Lin wrote: “Looks like you guys ain’t afraid of that little bit of rain. Thank you all for being part of my 20 years, may the music live on and grow in your hearts in the coming days.”

He also gave a shout-out to Chou, writing: “Thanks bro @jaychou for being such an amazing guest, a Double J reunion indeed.”

Chou had earlier shared photos and clips on Instagram Stories from backstage while Lin rehearsed during the day.

“The good thing about being here as a guest star is that I can get up close and personal to listen to the Walking CD,” Chou wrote, referring to Lin by the nickname given because of his reported ability to sing almost any song.

Chou – who had not staged a concert since the pandemic scuppered his Carnival World Tour in early 2020 – later stepped onstage to the screams of 30,000 fans.

He performed his hit song Nunchucks and sang a few bars of the Hokkien classic Double Pillow for Lin’s mother, who was in the audience.

Lin jokingly asked Chou why they had never performed a duet before and they bantered about Chou’s many collaborations – A Thousand Miles Away (with Fei Yu-ching), Shouldn’t Be (with A-mei), Rooftop (with Landy Wen) and Won’t Cry, his recent duet with Mayday’s lead singer Ashin.

Chou said: “Next time, should we get Ashin to sing with us?”

To the audience’s delight, Lin replied: “Tonight, you perform first. Next time, it will be the three of us.”

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