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“Let’s meet in town” is inarguably every Singaporean’s favourite phrase when it comes to winding down over a good dinner and some shopping.

And for us, “town” intuitively refers to Orchard Road. But with so many malls within the area, it’s always a struggle to choose where to spend your money.


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This June, Ion Orchard is making things a lot easier for us as they celebrate their 10th anniversary. Currently in play, the mall’s fifth edition of Culinary Creations is a fiesta of food and multi-sensorial activities – all within the mall itself so you can do everything in one go.

And because there’s so much going on, here’s what you should see and try:



From decadent chocolates and luxe Japanese confectionery to a modern take on the traditional kaya toast, these brands have celebration specials you should look out for. So expect your taste buds to be wowed.


Awfully Chocolate

It’s only right to celebrate with bespoke chocolate if it’s your 10th Anniversary. That is why Ion orchard has partnered with local chocolatier Awfully Chocolate to create limited edition Ion Orchard x Awfully Chocolate “A Decade of Wonders” chocolates.

Each chocolate bar is made of 10 symbolic ingredients, inspired by the mall’s 10th Anniversary – including auspicious red goji berries, jubilant pistachios, and hazelnuts that represent an abundance of wealth and happiness, embellished with edible flowers.

The limited-edition chocolates ($10) are wrapped in a uniquely designed sleeve, making it an ideal gift and souvenir to share with family and friends.


Yoku Moku

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, the luxury Japanese confectionery brand has launched special commemorative 50th Anniversary Revival Tins (only at its flagship store at Ion Orchard in July and August). The boxes will feature the brand’s popular cigare cookies as well as two other classic crunchy cookies – the macadamia cool and orne amande.

A one-box assortment will retail at $48 in July while a two-box assortment will retail at $78 in August.


Henry Charpentier

French, fresh and fun – the three words you need to know when you visit this dessert parlour. Henry Charpentier has collaborated with Ion Orchard to create 10 été (10th summer in French), a celebratory cake featuring a recipe specially concocted by chef Christophe Felder, one of France’s most renowned pastry chefs who is part of the patisserie’s advisory panel.

The three-tiered cake ($88) is topped with decadent macarons decked in various shades of ION Orchard’s signature purple and emblazoned with the 10th anniversary logo.

It’s absolutely perfect for an afternoon tea party. And like how they French say it, mangez bien!

The cake will only be sold on weekends till 28 July.



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The Marmalade Pantry

As if this homegrown bistro hasn’t made a dent in the local F&B industry. When it closed its flagship outlet at Ion Orchard last August, many of us lost our go-to cafe in town.

But now, it’s reopened and is sporting modern renditions like the Reimagined Kaya Toast by MasterChef Singapore runner-up Genevieve (Gen) Lee.

So feel free to drop by if your legs get tired after a whole day of shopping.



It’s 2019 and malls are getting creative, it’s no longer just about checking out your items at the counter. At Ion Orchard, light shows and hands-on beauty experiences are all part of the party.


Kaleidoscopic Playhouse

A maze of mirrors and lights will dazzle you as you step inside the Kaleidoscope Playhouse located on Level 3. Shoppers and visitors can stop and marvel at the brilliant burst of colours and the changing pattern of lights as they wander through a mosaic wonderland (featuring a Wave Mirror Wall and Pentagon Mirror Wall). Every step is a unique photo opportunity, and ION+ Rewards Members can even stand a chance to win 125 ION+ Points by sharing a photo of themselves at the pop-up. Display ends on 30 September.


Lego – Summer Holidays 2019: Around the World!

If you were one of those kids who used to get so entranced by these building blocks, get ready to be mesmerised again by Lego’s immersive multimedia show at ION Sky. From 14 June to 31 August, visitors can embark on an adventure around the world by going on a multi-sensory experience and ‘trail’.

Follow a Lego family as they visit well-known global destinations by airplane and submarine, such as the iconic red Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, as well as, breathtaking scenery of various iconic places across Europe and Asia before arriving at ION Orchard. These destinations will be displayed in the form of Lego wall murals.

It’s back to the future with building blocks so bring your kids (or just yourself)!



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L’occitane’s Beauty Market

The French beauty brand is famous for its farm-to-face ethos. From 27 June to 9 July, experience the freshness of L’occitane at ION Station.

At the Beauty Market, visitors can experience the natural and fresh ingredients that go into the brand’s products in a quaint farmer’s market setting. We’re all about natural French beauty so get ready to bring out the French-girl aesthetic in you.


Visitors will be able to nosh while saving some dollars with the mouthwatering range of ION Holideals from 7 June to 28 July. Shoppers can redeem exclusive dining treats by brands including Bake Cheese Tart, Nespresso and Nara Thai via the ION Orchard mobile app.

And look out for ION Orchard’s special 10th anniversary “thank you” flash deals too, that will take place on the first Saturday of each month. The deals, which include 1-for-1 promotions and complimentary goodies, will be flashed on digital screens across the mall and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Shoppers simply need to flash and redeem the deals in-store.