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There is nothing like the excitement of transforming a blank space to an abode one can truly call home. Yet design trends are constantly evolving every year, and it may be hard to decide on what new homeowners may want. Here are some firm favourites that we think will stick around, although there are some you may want to consider more carefully.


1. Semi-open Kitchens

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No one likes greasy cooking fumes sticking to your leather sofa or bed, which is why many home-owners are making the switch from fully-open kitchens to semi-open kitchens. This trend is highly popular for its practicality — it can close off when needed or remain open to let the kitchen air out when desired. Ways to have a semi-open kitchen include having folding dividers or glass panels.


2. Customised Built-ins

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This is especially popular with smaller homes as awkward spaces are fully utilised. Popular ways include having wall features double up as storage cabinets or pegs, recessed seating booths that can house under-seat cabinets and custom bed frames that prop up the bed while housing drawers or shelves. Talk about smart-living.


3. Walk-in Wardrobes

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Walk-in wardrobes are every shopaholic’s dream. You see this on TV all the time — rows and rows of beautifully displayed shoes or colour coordinated outfits in a room spacious enough to function as a changing room. So it’s no surprise that this has become one of the most popular features people ask for.

It might be difficult to implement it in a HDB flat, but ways to do it include hacking the wall of the adjourning room and converting that into an ensuite wardrobe, creating a nook in the master bedroom with see-through glass panels or black sliding doors, or installing a wardrobe ‘corner’ with open clothes racks and shelving.




4. Greening It Up

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Decorative indoor plants have been flourishing inside homes in Singapore, and there’s no reason why the trend should slow down. Aesthetically pleasing, this trend can also be practical. Plant potted herbs in an area where your apartment receives the most sun, and use them for your cooking.

Plants such as rosemary can be placed around your room as they are said to boost memory and immunity. Snake plants are also great because they are known to improve air quality.


5. Children-themed Rooms

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Themed rooms for your kiddos are great for the ‘gram, and we’ve seen many owners build a paradise for their young child in their homes. While it’s good to create a space where they can thrive, learn and play, remember that children grow up really fast.

Key things to remember if you really want a Frozen-themed room for your baby girl: Don’t over-do it. This is so that it’ll be less expensive to undo and easier to rent out when your child goes to university. Go for recyclable features such as cushion covers and removable ones such as wall plasters and themed-beds.


6. Swing Chairs

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If it helps you relax and you have a spare corner or a balcony, why not? Besides, most swing chairs come with a lattice-work or rattan design, which compliment most interior design themes. Pair your swing chair with some greenery, throws and pillows to feel doubly peaceful. These stylish furniture also make great pictures and come in handy as space-fillers.


7. Graphic Walls

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Bold and bright, owners most commonly place them in bathrooms, but these patterns can also be found in walkways or living rooms. The key is not to over-do it so it doesn’t look tacky; just a few splashes or some ripples will do. Pair your graphic designs with a good painting or unique tiles to complete the artsy look.


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