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Social media has garnered quite a negative reputation of late — it’s often seen as a toxic environment that encourages people to idolise others, creates a need for social affirmation, invites envy and FOMO (fear of missing out), stirs negative thoughts about oneself and even promotes criticism. In fact, you’ve probably heard of people going on a ‘social media detox’, where they take a break from posting or viewing their feeds.

Social media is all of the above, for sure, but there’s a flip side to everything. If used properly, it can also be a source of love and positive energy, and can inspire conversation and hope too. It all depends on who you’re following, what you’re choosing to see and who you want to interact with.

So rather than follow all those slim and unrealistically stunning Instagram influencers who seemingly make your life appear dull and boring because they just seem to have it all, follow accounts that will inspire you, every day, with quotes and imagery that help promote a positive mindset instead. Get rid of negativity and make a conscious choice to only allow happy things to enter your life.

For the sake of your mental well-being, here are 10 accounts to start following on your positive #inspo journey:


1. @Powerofpositivity

This account will try post every hour — flushing your feed with beautiful quotes overlaid on pretty imagery too. With 3.8 million followers, you know they’ve done something right. Use these quotes as your personal mantras, or simply as a daily reminder.


2. @humansofny


“We’d been friends for three years. We’d mostly see each other at the Catholic Center on campus: picnics, group outings, stuff like that. But then we started hanging out alone. And one day during finals week we spent an entire day together. We talked for six hours straight, and that night we ended up eating burgers at Five Guys. Remember it was finals week, so I was stressed out and sleep deprived and not thinking clearly. I started telling him that he’s so great, and that I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone, and suddenly I realize that I’m practically telling him that I like him. And he’s got this blank expression on his face. Total poker face. So I panicked, and said something silly.” —— “She told me, word-for-word: ‘But don’t worry. I could never date you.’ My heart sank. I’d been planning on asking her out after finals. I had a whole plan. Suddenly it felt like I’d misread the last three years, and especially the last few months. I tried to keep a straight face. No crying. And after we paid for the check, I dropped her off at the dorm and walked the entire two miles home. I kept telling myself: ‘You can recover. She’s still a dear friend. Life has its ups and downs.’ Two weeks later I helped her move into a new apartment. And we kept hanging out as friends for the next few months. But then on Valentine’s Day, she sent me a neuroscience card. It’s a bit of a tradition because we’re both neuroscience majors. The card said: ‘Are you a neuron? Because you have action potential.’ Then she followed up with a text that said: ‘If a man really wants to impress me, he’d bring me pancakes and yellow roses.’ Suddenly things were looking up again.”

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Feel inspired by these stories of everyday people on the streets of New York, as they talk about their life experiences, struggles, fears, triumphs and relationships. This account is all about celebrating the small but meaningful moments in our lives. It’s bittersweet but also very insightful and stirring. You can also follow @humansofsingapore for stories of people closer to home. Just as sweet.


3. @Mantramagazine

Cheeky, uplifting and relatable, this one posts super apt quotes that make you smile and say “hell yes!”. They also have powerful images and quotes that focus on your well-being and to push your energy to new levels.


4. @amypoehlersmartgirls


“I love my brother, and countless other teenagers like me love family members with complex medical needs and disabilities.” – Olivia . Olivia Hatcher is a 16-year-old health care advocate from Baltimore, Maryland. She is a member of @littlelobbyists and Health Care Voter . Excerpt below and full link in bio to read her family’s story . If you are old enough to vote in this election, I need you to vote for candidates who defend people with pre-existing conditions. . I won’t let our government threaten to take away people’s health care. And I will never stop defending my brother and his rights. . Image Description: a girl and boy stand on a deck smiling towards the camera. Behind them is a lake. The boy wears a shirt that reads “Make America Kind Again.” The girl has her arm wrapped around the boy in a sideways hug. The boy is assisted by a walker. . #healthcare #littlelobbyists #representationmatters #vote #voter #politics #family #health #healthcarevoter #midterms2018 #midterms

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Created by American actress and comedian Amy Poehler with producer Meredith Walker, the account aims to celebrate a woman’s true self and to create a community of authentic, thoughtful, engaged, humorous, passionate, curious and protective women — a sisterhood, if you will.

Read their stories and view their videos about young women who are brimming with potential. “We want you to truly be your weird and wonderful selves! We emphasise intelligence and imagination over “fitting in.” We celebrate curiosity over gossip,” said one of its staff. Bravo.


5. @Wildembodiedwomen

Another account that wants to “inspire powerful women to lead with confidence and create a successful life on purpose”, the aim is to connect all women as sisters, and not view each other as enemies. Posts are encouraging and supportive, pushing you to be your best self and to recognise your inner beauty and strength.


6. @Awaken_healers



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This account is good for delving deep inside, and bringing out the healer in you. It will prompt you to address both your inner thoughts and your surroundings, to aim for a better lifestyle. We love that it promotes awakening your own voice, being kind and respectful to others, and accepting your own journey.


7. @dogsofinstagram


STORY TAKEOVER! “Hey guys we’re super happy to be able to meet you all and tell you our journey! We’re Odin and Thor and we come from Ireland! But we’re better known globally as Summer Bran Starks Direwolf and Grey Wind Robb Starks Direwolf @got_direwolves. We were 13 weeks old when our owner got a Phone call asking could we star in a new TV show being made in Belfast. Our owner asked what was the show about and the breeder responded with “I don’t know, Swords and Shields and Stuff?”. ⚔️ When we’re not doing something Game of Thrones related we often run the beaches and mountains near our house as we live on the coast and have lots of places to run off lead. Tell us what you think off our Story! Are you a Game of Thrones fan?” writes @got_direwolves | Be sure to Tap our Stories and learn more about these awesome dogs! #dogsofinstagram

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Dogs, dogs every day. Need we say more? For a daily dose of cute, look no further than this account that floods your feed with photos of adorable pups in goofy and silly poses. Guaranteed to make you go “aww” and push your problems away.


8. @witanddelight_


Throw back to simpler days and cleaner tile.

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Founded by marketing consultant Kate Arends, this account is all about “designing a life well lived” and will motivate you to live simply and quietly. The photos of beautifully-designed, not to mention clean and orderly, rooms will make you want to KonMari your home in quick time. Here is where you can get inspiration for that home project that you’ve been putting off. You’ll also catch glimpses of her cute English labrador, Winnie Bear, as well as her two adorable kids.


9. @ohhappyday


A good one from the archives! Giant paper flowers! They make the perfect backdrop.

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It’s scientifically proven that bright colours can boost your mood. So immerse yourself in the cheery and wonderful colours of this account, which has posts that are so happy and fun that they are guaranteed to lift your spirits. It’s like throwing confetti on your life every day.


10. @Thepositivediaries


Not everything is meant to be. – Tag someone – @bryanadamc – #thepositivediaries

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This account is pure positivity — in all shapes and forms. It helps you concentrate on your own path, your own energy, and streamlines your thoughts into pushing yourself to your best possible self. It also promotes leaving bad things behind and being loving to others. Always important things to remember.