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Women to follow for a dose of positivity

Women to follow for a dose of positivity


Our 21st century addiction to Instagram sees no signs of stopping. While seeking out inspiration or relaxation, it is unsurprising that your admiration for the accounts you follow can lead you to see yourself as a lesser individual. Yet, what all of us seek, is the opposite effect. We want to feel empowered, more happy than before we entered the app. To aid you in achieving this, we’ve picked out a few girl bosses on Instagram who are not only relatable, but who will encourage you to keep a positive outlook, and remain motivated.


1. Liv Lo Golding 

It would be too easy to ride on the coat-tails of her Crazy Rich Asian husband’s fame. Instead, this ex-model and TV presenter is far too busy launching her new yoga weights workout Fit Sphere and leading workouts across Asia as a Reebok Brand Ambassador. While her lean, toned physique may not be achievable overnight – it did take her 13 years to get her body – what is though, is her often positive, no/low makeup, eco-friendly approach to life. And yes, that includes attending red carpet events like the Vanity Fair party where she styled her own hair


2. Rosalyn Lee 


[SOUND ON] what is a year? its us doing one rotation around the sun, really. but what a great orbit its been for me. looking back at all these photos, plus finding the perfect song from the #intothewild film soundtrack that rounded everything up… i gave it everything ive got, all my heart. the year has bent and shaped me. ive become stronger yet softer at the same time. its tough not to feel hardcore emo about it. . ‘guaranteed’ by #eddievedder: everyone I come across in cages they bought they think of me and my wandering but im never what they thought got my indignation but im pure in all my thoughts im alive wind in my hair, i feel part of everywhere underneath my being is a road that disappeared late at night I hear the trees they’re singing with the dead overhead leave it to me as i find a way to be consider me a satellite for ever orbiting i knew all the rules but the rules did not know me guaranteed . #rozzvideo #eddievedder #intothewild . .

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It is very possible you’re already subscribed to Rozz’s no holds barred Insta feed where she dishes out DIY/weird food videos, envy-inducing off-beat travel snaps (e.g. Jordan, Iran, Mexico City, which she self-funds) – and the odd #sponsored but never cliched snap. The curation is always tight, the vibe refreshingly honest, and real about life, chasing your passions and never not saying what you mean.  

3. Simone Heng 


So today I was BODYSHAMED pretty badly here on the gram. You have been responding to my replies on IG stories and FB. (here in the album) So here is a pic of me from today with hardly any sleep and dermatitis on my skin from eustress (healthy stress which helps us perform for challenges) for my upcoming speech on Wednesday. No make up on and I have rings around my eyes. This pic is just to let this horrible troll know that I don’t give a damn about his beauty standards. I needed to reply to him because I have a feeling he the basic kind that will shame his wife, mother and daughters’ bodies too and think it is OK. I am a public person but my body does not belong to anyone else but me. I choose to give it and show it at my discretion only. Women, we are not just our bodies and we will not be reduced to our collective body parts alone. I am so much more than just my breasts which he talks about. I am my mind as a speaker, my compassion as a human, my talent as broadcaster and my love as a daughter. SWIPE to see the exchange and don’t be afraid to put bullies in their place ♥️

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We have a confession to make, watching Simone Heng’s Dancing DJ Insta Highlights brings a smile on our face. The combination of upbeat tunes and her unbridled enthusiasm is as infectious as an ear worm. Plus, the rest of her feed where public speaking, self-empowerment and single gal goals is positivity in action, even when dealing with body shamers. 


4. Jemimah James Wei


HEY GUYS: Thrilled to announce the launch of #JemmaRecommends – the WHSmith Edition, which has been months in the making. I’m so happy it’s finally out! The #JemmaRecommends selection, available in WHSmith stores across @changiairport, offers a curated reading list that represents diverse perspectives from across the globe – with a special focus on Asian writers. What books and travel have in common is the ability to offer us perspective into different cultures and communities, and subsequently, deepen our capacity for empathy in a world that extends beyond the confines of our individual experiences. I’m incredibly grateful to @changiairport and @WHSmithOfficial for collaborating with me on my continuing passion project, and I cant wait for you guys to check out the selection (they’re located under different genres in the stores) whenever you head to your next destination! So, guys: Pick up a book. Take a trip. Let’s go places. x #changicreators

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It’s hard not to smile at this millennial’s super perky Instagram feed filled with travel snaps, adventures with her gal pals and sweet-not-saccharine #wefies with her boyfriend. What we love most though – aside from her general zest for life (and Starbucks) – is you can always turn to her for a solid book recommendation: something she’s turned into a signature, recently collaborating with WHSmith to curate an Asian writer focus reading list that “represents diverse perspectives across the globe”. 


5. Innika Choo 


im really just a visually impaired floatation device

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We’re not sure which we love more. The pictures of her cute bubs, or the witty one-liners that accompany her slick Insta posts. Either way, Bali-based fashion designer Innika Choo’s feed has us beaming and never hating. It could be the modern feel of her (often self-depricating) posts of mum life, or just how perfect Bali looks in her feed. Either way, this is one account that reminds us to seek the lighter side of life, even when you’ve got three little ones pulling at you. 


6. Stephanie Bovis 

Women to follow for a dose of positivity

Photo: Stephanie Bovis / Instagram

If exercise and mediation is a gatekeeper to negative vibes, this multi-hyphenate eco-champ and yin yoga advocate holds the key. A feed peppered with outtakes from her day job as a corporate emcee with guest appearances by her fur-kid Sage and exercise-focus posts (HIIT sessions at Ritual, Acro Yoga, Yin Yoga sessions) the overall tranquil feel will leave you curious to explore a calmer pace of life. 


7. Tyen Rasif

Just because she’s got a bikini-fit bod doesn’t mean she doesn’t succumb to the temptations of a McGriddle every once in a while. We love that this Miss Universe Singapore finalist/musician/fitness trainer preaches a realistic #strongwoman approach to diet and fitness while keeping it real when it comes to her personal motivation (or sometimes lack of). I mean if she has off-days, it’s only human we do too. 




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