A tub of peppermint ice cream would be fantastic on any hot day in Singapore, but what would make it even better? Having a large scoop of it sandwiched between two large dark chocolate brownie cookies, in its very own container so it won’t be a messy affair. And that’s what the Ice Cream & Cookie Company can do for you!

Lawyer turned journalist turned dessert chef Natasha Chiam is the owner of this gourmet ice cream sandwich company which started in 2007 and operates out of a central kitchen, using fresh ingredients they source for themselves. With a strong belief in baking using health-conscious ingredients, you can rest assured that your sweet or savoury treats will not contain any added preservatives or artificial additives.

Ice Cream and Cookie Co. can sandwich their ice cream with just about every type of cookie you can think of. There are interesting flavours from their classic range, including the savoury like peanut butter; the sweet like cinnamon sugar cookies and even shortbread. Don’t like cookies? Their patisserie line sandwiches ice cream for you in between large macaroons!

The ice cream flavours are not run-of-the-mill either. Tantalise your taste buds with butterscotch and candied bacon ice cream, have your cake and eat it with their cheesecake ice cream, or enjoy the classic scoop of vanilla with their Tahitian vanilla bean flavour. All ice cream is handcrafted and made-to-order, so what you are eating is definitely fresh.

What makes the Ice Cream & Cookie Co. stand out from the rest of the dessert crowd – is their ice cream and sandwich pairings. Take the Yuzu-licious sandwich – which sees a citrusy yuzu ice cream coupled with a minty basil macaroon. It’s refreshing and not cloyingly sweet.

The complementary tastes also ensure that you have a balanced, tasteful dessert. Portions are hearty and equivalent to an ice cream brownie dessert at a restaurant, so it will definitely satiate your sweet tooth.

If you are planning to celebrate a birthday, the Ice Cream & Cookie Co. also has 8” and 11” Jumbo Ice Cream Sandwich cakes from its classic line. Imagine the joy of a classic ice cream cookie sandwich, ten-fold!

Ice cream sandwiches are priced from $5 to $6.90. Visit http://icecreamcookieco.com/ for more information and place orders via phone. Catering and delivery are available. Tel: 6297 9914. Follow the Ice Cream & Cookie Co. on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/icecreamcookieco and Instagram @icecreamcookieco.