As summer days are warming up, here is a good reminder to keeping your furry friends safe when jogging or walking or just spending long periods of time outdoors.

How to keep your furry friends safe in the heat
Beat the heat: here’s tips on keeping your dog safe and cool on hot days.
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“Most people enjoy soaking up some sun, but the heat can take a toll on you and your pet,” Carolynn MacAllister, a veterinarian from Oklahoma State University, said in a statement released Monday. “Heat exhaustion is just as dangerous for animals as it is for humans.”

Leave your dog at home if it is humid out
Take your pooch for a walk or a run during the coolest part of the day instead. “Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do,” adds MacAllister. “They rely on panting to cool themselves.”

That means leaving him or her in a cool, well ventilated space, not a car or garage, since the animal can quickly suffer from heat stress or heat exhaustion.

Recognise the signs of heat stroke in dogs
Excessive panting, staggering, and vomiting are some signs of heat stress in dogs.

If you see this happening, use a sponge to apply cool water to your pet’s neck and groin to lower internal temperatures. Call your veterinarian immediately about additional treatment.

Haircuts may not help
MacAllister notes that short haircuts may actually put dogs at greater risk for heat-related problems. Fur helps protect skin from sunburn, and some breeds have fur that traps cooler air closer to the skin.

“I don’t recommend across-the-board clipping of dogs, but those animals that have a heavy thick coat may need to have their hair coat trimmed,” she said.