If you’re a regular gym-goer, love to dance, swim or do a run round your block to keep fit, you’ll know how frustrating it is to feel a little disconnected from your normal routine during PMS and your period. Whisper can help women to stay confident throughout their time of the month, and to stay active and keep playing.



Did you know that many girls give up a sport they loved to play, sometimes even competitively, during puberty? This can be attributed to bodily changes making them feel more self-conscious, and also the start of their periods making them feel less like being active during that time. As a dancer, I can remember feeling the need for seriously good and invisible products during my time of the month, as in ballet class, we wore no more than a leotard and tights. You need to feel secure, empowered and confident if you’re going to be in such exposed situations!



As the 2016 Olympics take place in Rio, Brazil this year, the whole world will be watching as men and women compete for gold. Young female athletes can go on to become Olympians, and therefore it’s of utmost importance to allow women the opportunity to be on a level playing field, no matter what time of the month it may be. The sporting industry is one of many where women are still disadvantaged and underpaid in comparison to men, for example Wimbledon only recently made the male and female winner prize money equal. If we can ensure that girls are not made to feel that they are less able than boys when it comes to being active and playing competitively, we can break more ground globally with these issues.



Have you ever been told you throw “like a girl”? Yep, me too. Whisper aims to reclaim the negative connotations surrounding that sexist phrase, and let the world know that playing “like a girl” is nothing but to be playing on the same field! Watch girls growing into women around the world who will keep playing #LikeAGirl in this empowering video by Whisper…