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A higher salary
Before you ask for more money, find out your worth by looking at salaries offered for jobs similar to yours in recruitment ads, and by talking to friends in similar roles or speaking with a recruiter, says Jaya Dass, director of HR, business support and life sciences at headhunting consultancy Randstad Singapore. The best time to ask for a raise? “When you’ve just finished a great piece of work, had positive feedback from your boss or landed a new client.” Set up a meeting instead of sending an e-mail – it’s harder to turn you down to your face. Jaya adds: “Go armed with a clear argument on why you deserve a raise. How have you helped to improve productivity or boost staff morale? You need to prove yourself.”

A higher price from clients
Show your clients the results you’ve achieved, give them new ideas on how you plan to help their business grow and show the forecast gains from the additional investment. Prepare a presentation demonstrating the successes they’ve achieved because of you. “Make it clear that if your clients are going to impose more work, demand better results and take up more of your time, then they need to be prepared to make the investment,” says Jaya.

Higher claims for expenses
Getting reimbursed for work-related expenses should be part of your employment contract, says Jaya. But if you need claims for, say, your mobile phone bills, approach your boss directly. “If you’re expected to be contactable and to check e-mail from your boss and clients outside work hours, you have a good argument for your company to cover the cost,” says Jaya.

A higher budget for a project
If the budget is insufficient, alert your boss before it kicks off . “Go (to your boss) with a plan that includes details on the deliverables, how long the project will take and the resources required to meet the deadline,” says Jaya. “Demonstrate what you need to get the job done and keep the client happy.” 

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine June 2015.

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