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Whether you’re enjoying some curry for lunch or your kids got dirty playing soccer, there’s always a quick fix to remove stains on your precious clothes. From typical household products like toothpaste, dishwashing liquid and salt to more unusual fixes like eggs and hand sanitisers, whatever you need will probably already be found in your home.


1. To remove ink, use toothpaste


2. To remove lipstick, using rubbing alcohol


3. To remove sweat stains, use aspirin


4. To remove oil, use baby powder and dishwashing liquid


5. To remove blood, use vinegar


6. To remove curry, use cold water, dishwashing liquid and lemon juice


7. To remove grass stains, use hand sanitiser


8. To remove chocolate, use milk


9. To remove coffee stains, use an egg 


10. To remove red wine, use salt, cold water and detergent