Photo: Singapore Night Festival


An exhilarating line-up of events with a plethora of novel experiences is set to transform Singapore’s Bras Basah and Bugis district into an arts and cultural oasis from Aug 23-31 at The Singapore Night Festival 2019.

Illuminating iconic facades and unexpected spaces, the annual Night Lights will magically transform the entire area into an ethereal wonderland. With 16 light artworks comprising of both projections and installations, guests are encouraged to reimagine familiar local landmarks. In conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, this year’s line-up will cast a spotlight on folklore and traditions, as well as ideas and talents from Southeast Asia.

As an additional treat, festival-goers can look forward to a visual spectacle with more than 40 scintillating performances and roving acts across the Bras Basah.Bugis district from Aug 29.

Open your minds, let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to fade away into the dazzling lights of the night.

Here are some of the best highlights not to be missed. 

1. Fuerza Bruta


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Headlining the Festival’s line-up this year is Fuerza Bruta’s immersive theatre show, promising to take audiences into an uninhibited, unforgettable world that will flood the senses. The globally-acclaimed Argentinean troupe welcomes festival-goers to their 360-degree outdoor party, encompassing suspended ‘stages’, dynamic up-close-and-personal encounters and aerial acts in a spectacular and fun-filled night for all.


2.Gamelan Performance


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Watch out for the projection by internationally renowned French group Spectaculaires titled The Legend of Ramayana, inspired by the Indian epic poem. The projection work will also be complemented by a stirring gamelan instrumental performance, which retells the story of the Ramayana in traditional Javanese poetry. The gamelan performance will be performed by local performing group Gamelan Asmaradana, and runs from Aug 29-31.


3. Sita’s Magical Forest


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Internationally renowned Indian dance-theatre company Apsaras Arts, will bring to life The Ramayana story of Prince Rama rescuing his wife Sita. Set to a moving, original score and told through classical Indian and Javanese dance, Anjaneyam – Hanuman’s Ramayana is a cross-cultural production involving artists from Singapore, India and Indonesia. They will also present a children-friendly storytelling and dance production titled Sita’s Magical Forest, which follows Sita as she encounters the animals of the magical forest. A guaranteed hit for both children and adults alike.


4. Waves of Time

Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Over at CHIJMES, an animated projection titled Waves of Time will capture and reflect the diversity of ethnic cultures in this region. The work will be the first to be projected on CHIJMES, and was created as part of a collaboration between Singapore-based animation studio Chips and Toon and Australia’s The Electric Canvas.


5. Collapse!


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Collapse! by internationally-acclaimed French filmmaker Luc Jacquet invites visitors to confront the effects of global warming through an immersive audio experience that transports one to the edge of collapsing ice glaciers in Antarctica. Along the same theme of exploring the effects of climate change, three-part installation Intergalactic Dreams by Singaporean artist Jahan Loh captures his exploration of alternative homes in an imagined future where Earth is no longer hospitable.


6. Keep Dreaming


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Keep your eyes peeled as the iconic façade of the National Museum of Singapore will be illuminated with Keep Dreaming, a  showcase capturing the exploration of a whimsical wonderland. Get your video cameras ready and be enthralled by the visual spectacle in front of you.


7. Tropicana


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


The iconic Stamford Court clock tower will become the canvas for a façade projection for the first time. The Electric Canvas from Australia transforms the clock tower into a playful, welcoming work of art with their animated projection, Tropicana.


8. S.C.U.L.P.T


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Multi-disciplinary French artist Yann Nguema returns to the Festival with an interactive large-scale projection at Armenian Church titled S.C.U.L.P.T. Blending technology, human interaction and music to bring architecture to life, festival-goers can look forward to a unique experience as they step up to manipulate the form and appearance of the church’s centuries-old chevet, through the use of simple laser beams.


9. Project: Dome


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


A new pop-up experiential dome on the Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Campus Green will see the cutting edge combination of light art with performance. Titled Project:Dome, this space will showcase five brand new works by various artists – projects that had been borne out of SNF’s first Creators’ Masterclass, which was held with the aim of teaching participants the basics of creating their own projection mapping artworks.


10. Huff x Ding Yi


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Huff x Ding Yi, features a music and visual collaboration between visual artist Kenneth A. Huff, and local Chinese chamber ensemble, Ding Yi Music Company. With the merging of both elements, festival-goers will be treated to Huff’s projection work, inspired by the mathematics of chaos theory, reacting to the performers’ live music within the dome – no two performances will be the same.


11. Sweet Tooth by Cake


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Singapore-based theatre troupe, Sweet Tooth by Cake presents MMO – their first roving theatrical act. With three ethereal characters roaming the walkways along Queen Street, National Design Centre and SMU Campus Green, they will tease and tantalise festival-goers with their spontaneous and surprising performances.


12. Dhoby Ghaut Green and the newly-pedestrianised Armenian Street Park


Photo: Singapore Night Festival


Two villages will be set-up at Dhoby Ghaut Green and the newly-pedestrianised Armenian Street Park for festival-goers. Be sure to watch out for New Stream Brass Band, a Singapore-based New Orleans style brass band, as they take their unique sound to Armenian Street with a mix of jazz, hip-hop and traditional New Orleans brass sounds, accompanied by a zestful dance number by Singapore’s home-grown tap-dancing talent, Rhythm Nation, that will get you jiving in no time.


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