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Love visiting new cafes in town every once in a while to catch up with your friends over a cuppa? Love to partake in café hopping rather frequently? Then you’ll be thrilled to know that this article is all about cafés! Here’s a look at five cafés with the best vibes and some tips on how to recreate a similar look in your own home sweet home with items that can be found on ezbuy!


Atlas Coffeehouse

Known not only for their café’s stylish industrial interior design, Atlas Coffeehouse also serves up a mean cup of latte. After all, it’s not called a coffeehouse for nothing, right? As a sister business of the more established Assembly Coffee, it is situated in the lush and green district of Bukit Timah – away from the hustle and bustle of traffic. According to reviews on Chope, the grub served in this café is done well with flair, seeing the amount of hearty fare offered on its menu.


How to recreate the theme of Atlas Coffeehouse in your own home?

Double Glass Coffee Cup, $4.50

You can purchase similar coffee cups to serve a cup of Joe in, to the delight of your guests.


Geometric Pendant Lights, $23.09

You may also choose to get geometric pendant lighting to dress up your dining room to the same effect.


Boufe Boutique Cafe

Located in Phoenix Park within the central suburbs of Tanglin, Boufe Boutique Café has a sleek polished look that speaks volume about its minimalist theme décor. You should order the extremely popular Eggs Benedict if you are planning to go Boufe Boutique Café for brunch anytime soon.


How to recreate the theme of Boufe Boutique Café in your own home?


Trio Pendant Lamp, $66.74

You can buy the same set of geometric pendant lighting or get pendant lamps to achieve the same soothing soft mood lighting in your own home.


Marble Table Dining Set, $396.83

Also, you may want to buy this monochrome dining set to brighten up your dining room similar to the style of Boufe Boutique Café.


Central Perk (F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe)

You’ve probably heard about this café due to its hype associated with the decade-long hit American TV sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Yep, that’s right, Central Perk – the café’s name – is punnily derived from New York’s famed Central Park. You’d do a double take upon entering the premises of this café, seeing how it resembles the reel-life café in the show. Well, we’d say that this is one of the rare moments when reel becomes real – and so it’s high time for you to head down with your friends in tow if you haven’t already done so!

According to Chope, this is the place “where you can recreate the show to your heart’s content while tucking into great food”. Dishes served here are cheekily named after the characters and catchphrases from the show. Examples include Joey’s Fisherman Stew, a hearty pot of mussels, clams, octopus, salmon, and prawns in a rich, slow-cooked broth as well as Rachel “Green” Salad, a Mediterranean toss-up of pesto, olives, feta, and compressed fruits.


How to recreate the theme of Central Perk in your own home?

Eclecticism is key to achieving the look and feel of this café. Think embroidered cushion covers adorning sofas of velvet upholstery. And a dining table with several different, mismatched chairs along with a lit kitchen signboard to create a whimsical look.


Lit American inspired Signboard, $74.66


Brown Leather Armchair, $174.20


Montana Singapore

Montana is well-known for its creative menu and innovative ways of serving food. Patrons can probably attest to the café’s reputation of being a true blue waffle specialist – seeing how they are bold enough to serve up not only dessert offerings of waffles but also savoury waffles as a main course meal itself. Its café interiors boast of a ‘Scandindustrial’ mix and is well-lit.

Coffee is served in scientific apparatus (i.e. beakers) while food is brought to table in iron skillets. This definitely makes café-goers intrigued and hungry at the same time!


How to recreate the theme of Montana in your own home?

Other than the ‘Scandindustrial’ theme which we’re already presuming your home to be decked out in, there are several touches to add such as placing a geometric terrarium on your table top to enliven the atmosphere and using a faux iron skillet to serve food on.

Geometric Glass Terrarium, $7.91


Ceramic Dish Pan with Handle, $4.89


Wild Honey

Wild Honey has been twice awarded “Best Brunch Spot” – Chope Diners’ Choice Awards consecutively in 2014 and 2015. This goes to show that their extensive menu is of top notch quality, hence winning them many fans. Accolades aside, Wild Honey’s interior can be summed up in one word: homely. And it certainly goes hand in hand with their tagline of “No Place Like Home”. It is recommended that you try their mouth-watering selection of cocktails with their brunch menu for a tantalising experience.


How to recreate the theme of Wild Honey in your own home?

This should be rather easy, provided that your home already has the warm, inviting feel to it. Turn that up a notch by including more cushions and perhaps add a rug to the bare floor to make it all the more cosy!


Floral Rug, $6.46


Fabric Armchair, $30.93

Don’t forget to add a nice comfy armchair or 2, so that you can enjoy an afternoon tea with your significant other.


Well, we hope that after reading this listicle, you’ve gleaned some inspiration and hopefully gotten an inkling on how best to recreate the elements and vibes of the five featured cafes in your own home! If not don’t sweat it, check out our home & furnishing concept store for more furnishing ideas and inspiration.


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