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Ice cream is a great dessert enjoyed by many, but sadly, many of us start feeling guilty because of the amounts of calories contained in a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Others, like me, love ice cream but hardly have the chance to eat it due to lactose intolerance.

Now, you won’t have to beat yourself up over a few scoops of ice cream. Soyato, a Singapore ice cream brand, is the first local ice cream brand launching soy milk ice cream in NTUC supermarkets close to us.

Made with natural and healthy ingredients, Soyato ice cream is vegan, trans-fat free, cholesterol free, and even contains prebiotics, which will stimulate our digestive system. Not only that, the soy milk base in Soyato ice cream is high in protein and can lower cholesterol, while reducing the risk of heart disease and treating bone health.

For all those beauty and health conscious people out there, Soyato will be a great indulgence for you, without you having to feel guilty about pampering yourself afterwards. One scoop of Soyato ice cream contains only 100 calories, which you can burn off by shopping for half an hour, or even just watching a two-hour movie. This means that you don’t even have to exercise just to burn off the calories from the ice cream!

As a launching promotion, Facebook fans can send in interpretations of Soyato’s tagline, “Wickedly Good” to win prizes worth $1500, and Instagram users can win Soyato products and TUC vouchers by sharing a photo of themselves eating Soyato ice cream with the hashtag #MySoyato.

Soyato is sold in NTUC Finest, NTUC Extra and NTUC FairPrice supermarkets. The ice cream will be available in four flavours – chocolate, honey lemon, green tea and mint chip, and is sold at $11.90 each.

For more information about Soyato, visit its website at You can also follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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