Hang-drying laundry inside your home may trigger allergiesFor people who suffer from asthma, hay fever, and allergies, hang-drying laundry indoors may put your health at risk, according to a new study.

Researchers from the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit in Glasgow, Scotland, reported last week that drying your laundry indoors causes enough moisture in the air to contribute to the development of mould and dust mites.

The small study, which examined 100 homes, found that the air in many homes was too moist, with up to a third of that caused by drying clothes indoors due to cold weather.

Hanging laundry around the house to dry can emit two liters of water into the air from just one load, head researcher Rosalie Menon said.

The research team recommends drying laundry outdoors whenever possible, or using an energy-efficient, condensing tumble dryer.

If you have to dry your clothes indoors due to weather or lack of outdoor options, they recommend placing them near a window for natural light and heat.

Source: homelaundrystudy.net/design.html