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He sketches, travels the world and reads on the go; just who exactly, is the mysterious Max?
In theWho is Max webisodes, this man of mystery has left his Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 at a cafe, making the cafe owners curious to find out more about him.
Could the device belong to an adventurous travel writer? That’s what Sam, one of the owners of the cafe, speculates, as he browses through Max’s travel chronicles.
His co-worker Jill, being the hopeless romantic, pictures Max as an artist in love. Ambitious Amy disagrees; clearly the leader of the three, Amy thinks that Max may actually be her kindred spirit, a (wo)man of the world.
Join the trio’s investigation: Watch the “Who is Max“webisodes to discover the true identity of the enigmatic Max and you could win a Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0!
If you’re still clueless about Max, here are some hints to get you started.
As Sam suggests, Max’s travel journal tells it all. Like a modern day Indiana Jones, “desert warrior” Max travels the world, chronicling each moment on his trusty Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0. He writes about the dangers he’d braved using the S Note, featuring his scenic shots of the pyramids, the Sphinx and more spectacular sights. Who else could he be but a gutsy travel writer, who can write of such exhilarating journeys?
For this artist, everything is fodder for inspiration. With the S Pen, Max sketches a beautiful stranger, who soon becomes his muse and lady love. Jill imagines herself caught in amorous encounters with Max the artist, her dream man who woos and wins her heart. Only an artist in love is capable of such creative, romantic gestures, thinks Jill; do you agree with her too?
“What makes you think that he’s a guy?” quips Amy. The clues could just as easily point to a woman who has and does it all. As the mystery deepens, even the ever-practical Amy can’t resist a peek into Max’s Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0. Will Sam, Amy and Jill discover Max’s real identity?
Watch the Who is Max? webisodes to win travel vouchers, a gourmet dining experience or a luxurious spa package to pamper and soothe your senses.
Watch each clip ’til the end to answer a simple question. Be sure to watch all four episodes: The sweet grand prize of the Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 awaits one lucky viewer who gets the answers right, every week!
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The Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 is available in White with 16GB memory from 25 May, at $588 for WiFi version and $788 for LTE version. Get it at all mobile operators and authorised retailers.