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Sometimes you just want a good meal without leaving your home. Think: Fresh scallops, ready-made raviolis and, if you’re feeling frisky, pink oyster mushrooms. But what if we told you that you can now dine fine at home?

Head to these three grocers to up your home dining game.


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Block 15, Dempsey Road, tel: 6474-7338

Re-opened in April this year, Culina has ramped up its offerings in its new 15,000 sq ft space. The fresh ™European-inspired food market∫ concept includes speciality stalls and a bistro, as well as foodstuff not previously available to the public. The change is in response to customers who increasingly want to replicate at home the dishes they have tasted around the world.

For instance, fresh Perigord black truffles, once only accessible to fine-dining restaurants, are sourced from Manjimup, Australia. These truffles’ intense, earthy aromas enhance dishes like freshly made ravioli with white wine cream sauce.

Also check out the wild matsutake mushrooms from Bhutan; wild French asparagus with a grassy, nutty and earthy flavour (available only in spring, roughly from April to June); zucchini flowers that are often used in restaurants but too delicate to stock in supermarkets; and pepquinos cucumbers to pop as a snack. 



Little Farms

#01-20 Valley Point, 491 River Valley Road, tel: 6262-0619, and three more outlets in Novena, Tanjong Pagar and Holland Village.

This boutique grocer has been making organic and fresh seasonal produce more accessible, with broccolini, Dutch cream potatoes and more lining its compact but quality inventory.

The produce from Australia is delivered up to five times a week; some vegetables even leave the farm and arrive in Singapore on the same day.

The focus is on ethically sourced, mindful and natural foods, with cafes serving wholesome meals adding to the convenience of shopping at three of its four outlets.




You might think of Zairyo for your sushi party needs, but its vegetable section is no slouch. Precious seasonal Japanese gems are flown in on Tuesdays and Fridays by demand only, and you can keep track of what’s freshest on its website.

Check out the Okinawa red lady’s finger, pink-hued coral oyster mushroom, jumbo shishito green pepper, and other specially selected staples that will make a difference in your cooking, like mizuna (saltgreens) and Ibaraki Prefecture baby daikon.


This story was first published on Her World’s July 2019 issue.