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We’ve found the cutest gifts for your friends and family, all for less than a single blue faced Yusof Ishak! From last minute guests to your closest bud, here are some gifts that you can impress them with … and they’re all under fifty bucks!

under the sea charm bracelet.png

Something Borrowed Under the sea charm bracelet, $14.90


Definitely for the whimsical and sweet girls in your life, this charm bracelet oozes fantasy that might have been worn by a mermaid.

vanilla candle box flower.jpg

Cochine Saigon Vanilla and Tabac scented candle, $48


The high quality ingredients and pretty packaging really is value for money when it comes to a high quality candle. Atmospheric scent is underrated.

fun graphic clutch.jpg

Ripples Bright graphic clutch, $29.90


For your artsy friend, this brightly coloured clutch will perk up any outfit she chooses to throw on that day. Tres chic!

supermarket canvas bag.jpg

Gilet Supermarket canvas bag, $31


Poke fun of your domestically inclined friend with this eco friendly and ironically adorable printed canvas. We all have a secret auntie side.

black tote.jpg

Zalora Large black tote, $22.90


When all else fails, a generic black tote goes with everything, and this includes gift giving. They will be surprised at how much they use it, too!

snakeskin cardholder.jpg

Mi-Pac Snake skin card holder, $17.90


This snazzy snake skin card holder gives an edge to anyone who whips it out of her handbag since its sure to make an impression. And you should get that credit!

triple strap watch.jpg

Zalora Strappy watch, $24.90


The key to giving great gifts is by giving them something you (not-so-secretly) want as well. This triple looped watch is classy enough for work but edgy enough to work for the dancefloor.

pearl earrings.png

River Island Pearl earrings, $24.90


Give a round for these gorgeous beyond the basic pearl earrings with varying settings and complementary cuffs. These are perfect for any powerhouse office lady friends!

anti frizz travel kit.jpg

Living Proof No frizz travel set, $39.90


Your continent hopping niece/cousin/buddy will thank you for this reliable and very solid no frizz set as the humidity and changing water conditions wreak havoc amongst her follicles.

charging case.jpg

Redbox Charger case for iPhone, $43.20


We all know about the short battery span of iPhones, and this solves that dilemma of having to carry two things at once in your hand. It latches perfectly on the body of an iPhone and charges it at the same time – so many people would thank you for it!

tangle free earphones.jpg

Redbox Wearable tangle-free earphones, $23.20


No more untangling the silly earphones anymore – its wearable on your wrist and neck too, and its a great fuss free option to ‘ear pods’. Since everyone uses earphones, its a fuss free option for anyone too!

leather key ring.jpg

Mango Leather key ring, $31.20


The men in my life tend to lose their keys very often and this can be easily remedied by a hardy key ring that will age well. This one from Mango can totally handle the reckless tossing around it’s definitely going to get.

knitted tie.jpg

Mango Wool knitted tie, $39.20


The usual tie gets another kind of twist with this wool knitted version. It’s an unusual gift that would make an impression on a preppy fella you might have your eye on, eh?

blue narrow fit shirt.jpg

Mango Blue Narrow Fit shirt, $48.30


Nothing infuriates me more than a sloppily dressed man. Come Christmas, I tend to be very generous about shopping for my male cousins – they’re lazy to shop and I like making things pretty so it’s a win-win situation.

grey sparkle cropped jacket.jpg

Andrea Moore Cropped silver jacket, $39


This cropped sparkly number is a festive little piece that can also double as club attire. Sweet!

grey kroom tennis shoes.jpg

Koom grey shoe, $35


You might want to steer clear of giving these to anyone chinese or vaguely superstitious (to gift shoes means giving the gift of death in Mandarin). The pair holds their own, though, and manages to be streamlined yet cute.

edgy gold ring.jpg

Edge of Ember Reyes Arrowhead ring, $19


Remind of your bud about her yearly goals with this feisty ring from Edge of Ember; arrowheads on double sides could also symbolise success on two levels.

starbucks tumbler cup.jpg

Starbucks Christmas stainless steel tumblers, pour over set

Tumbler 10oz $32.90; Tumbler 16oz $36.90; Pour over set $39.90

As the saying goes, if you want your dad to downsize his beer belly, help him upsize his kopi mug. These Starbucks cups go a long way! Not only do they come with a free drink, you get a fifty cent discount whenever you fill it at Starbucks. Just don’t get papa hooked on frappacinos too.

kapok chocolate.jpg

Kapok Askinosie Chocolate $17-28

These chocolates from Kapok have the cutest packaging! Not only that, Kapok provides a free wrapping service too, and the wrapper is just as kawaii. Fair trade chocolate FTW!

hasbros jenga $19.jpg

Hasbro E-catalogue of toys $20-$50

Hasbro launched a new e-catalogue recently and it’s super easy to use! If you’re not sure about what you want, they have a wildcard function for toy recommendations too! I like Jenga ($19.90) since it’s easy to play, and the stakes escalate quickly (no pun intended). Visit the site here: http://www.hasbroxmastoyland.com

fitbit flex _0.jpg

Fitbit Fitbit Flex Wristband Accessory Pack, $39

I’m sure we all have that one friend who hops through gyms and sweatpants faster than a bunny, right? So, this Fitbit Flex health tracking armband is perfect for their active lifestyle. The band connects to your device via bluetooth and offers you real time stats of your fitness levels. The pack includes wristbands in teal, tangerine and navy to go with different #ootds. At night, you can check your sleep quality too!

twg macaron .jpg

TWG Limited Edition Christmas Macarons

$48 for a pack of 24, $24 for a pack of 12, $12 for a pack of 6

These delightful macarons are infused with the flavours of black and green tea with ginger and orange, and they are a lovely sight to see when you open a box full of colourful macarons. So sweet!

four in a gram charm.jpg

Risis Anita Kapoor’s Singapore Story Charm $50

This charm is beautiful and pays tribute to our home country at the same time. (SG50, how timely!) The charm’s quirky design makes an instant conversation starter and I find it useful for entertaining small children.

tott wine holder.jpg

Tools of The Trade (ToTT) Folding glass wine holder $14.10

Avoid the unnerving sound of wine glasses clinking against the glass cabinet with this wineglass holder. We like this one for being sturdy and folding into a compact version when not used!

Natasha Studio Professional Dance Academy (Only avaliable in City Square Mall) 4 dance lessons $25

Make your Christmas gift unforgettable with dance lessons. Hardware may not always make an impression but these memories will last for a long time.

Le D’or Beaute (Only avaliable in City Square Mall) Diamond Face Peel $38

Pamper your loved one with a Diamond Face Peel for just $38. It’s not just a great deal, (it usually costs $300) the receiver will feel like a million bucks too!

cath kidston pencil case $21.jpg

Cath Kidston’s Christmas Billy applique pencil case $21

I would get this for nieces and nephews, since it’s primarily a pencil case. It can also double as a pouch for your makeup as well, making this a very versatile gift.

tsum tsum socks 19.jpg

Tsum Tsum’s Disney print socks $19.90

Usually I abhor the thought of getting socks as presents but all those rules go out of the window with these cute printed socks from Tsum Tsum’s collaboration with Disney.

Four Seasons shakers $49.jpg

Naiise’s Four Seasons seasoning shaker set, $49

This seasoning shaker set cleverly adopts four seasons in each shaker, so now we finally have four seasons in Singapore! (not really.)

krispy kreme .jpg

Krispy Kreme’s Christmas Specials

Snowflake, Snowman, Holiday tree, Evergreen Happiness doughnuts.

$2.95 each for single

$26.50 for a dozen

$47.70 for double dozen

This gift is perfect for the last minute guests who didn’t RSVP (you guys know who you are.) If you’re one of the lucky ones with no last minute people in your life or at your party, these doughy treats make a great festive dessert as well!

jelly bunny melina plain 19.jpg

Jelly Bunny’s Melina plain ballet slippers. $19.90

Upgrade your mama’s errand shoes with these waterproof slip-ons from Jelly Bunny. She’ll love you for it, and you can thank me when she cooks your favourite dish for your next dinner. You’re welcome.

music tree with shortbread .jpg

Marks and Spencer’s Rotating musical tree with biscuits $29.00

If you’re visiting a friend’s place for Christmas and have no idea what to get for the whole bunch of framily (friend-family), this rotating tree is sure to impress and make a great decoration at the same time.

hello kitty appliances.jpg

Cornell Hello Kitty appliances, $29.00 – $49.90

Hello Kitty hair dryer $29; Sandwich maker $39.90; Pop up toaster $42.90; Kettle $49.90; Food weighing scale $29.90; Fan $49.90

One of these is the perfect gift for your sister, especially if she’s a broke college student. The cute factor in these household appliances is sure to give her that extra bit of incentive to take care of herself, even if it means making a sandwich instead of eating out.

My Little Deer Accessories Tray - White.jpg

Lazada Deer antler jewelry holder, $24.90

This beautiful jewelry holder cries out to the Princess Mononoke fan in me and I need to have it. It also addresses one of the biggest, most intense first world problems – not having enough storage for my jewellery. Not to mention, the priceless pun I can make with this gift – it’s only a buck.