Google to paint over its new black navigation barIt seems like the paint is still drying on Google’s black navigation bar — the horizontal bar on the top of Google sites that was introduced six months ago as part of the company’s product design makeover — but Google is already preparing to put a fresh coat of gray paint over the new look.

The new Google bar will put search (and Google+) top center of the page where links to other Google services are currently found.

Users will still be able to navigate to other Google services using the updated Google bar; links to additional services can be found in a brand new drop-down menu which will be nested under the Google logo.

“Making navigation and sharing super simple for people is a key part of our efforts to transform the overall Google experience, which is why we’re very excited about this redesign,” said Google Technical Lead Eddie Kessler in a November 29 post on the company’s blog. — AFP RELAXNEWS