If the idea of trekking up Mount Everest is your idea of an adventure, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable guide by your side – one that tells you how fast your heart is beating, your body’s temperature, your current altitude and precisely which part of the mountain you are on.

Get on track with the GPS watch for adventure-seekers

Enter Suunto, a Finnish sports technology brand that’s recognised worldwide by adventure-seekers for its superior range of sport watches, dive computers and instruments.

Get on track with the GPS watch for adventure-seekersThe brand recently launched the Suunto Ambit GPS watch that specifically targets mountain climbers or hard-core trekkers, with a plethora of features like GPS navigation system, altimeter, 3D compass,
barometric sensor, track logging, heart rate monitor and FusedSpeed accelometer to track your speed.

The heart rate monitor has a Peak Training Effect feature that will help keep explorers within their optimum training zone, with an added bonus of a Recovery Time feature that will inform them when they’ve recovered enough to embark on their next hike.

The Ambit has a battery life of 50 hours on GPS mode and is also water-resistant up to 100m, so divers can safely rely on this for their underwater explorations.

With everything an adventure-seeker ever needs rolled into one watch, the best advice is clearly to not leave home without it.

The Ambit comes in two colours, black and silver, and is available in selected outdoor stores. For more information, email Jayden Lim limjayden@unitedlifestyle.com