When it comes to shopping, our BFFs pop to mind. This month, 148 women and their besties joined us at the Her World x Funan BFF Day Out.

The exclusive event, which was held over two weekends on Oct 19 and 20, and Oct 26 and 27, was a complimentary guided session packed with activities at the brand new Funan mall.

Here’s what you missed:


Carrie K.

The morning tour began with a visit to the local jewellery brand Carrie K. This is the brand’s first brick-and-mortar store. Prior to its opening at Funan, the collections were only available at selected boutiques. 

Inside the very stylish store, we learnt about the brand’s history and inspiration behind every collection.

One of the standouts: the Heritage Collection, designed by brand founder Carolyn Kan herself and inspired by the intricate design of pretty Peranakan tiles. 

A Carrie K. pearl expert also showed us how a string of pearls could be worn in more ways than one.

The large collection of cultivated pearls at Carrie K. includes gorgeous dark-coloured Akoya pearls and metallic freshwater pearls. 

Fun fact: There is a Pearl Bar where shoppers can head to for a complimentary pearl consultation.



The Swiss sewing machine brand opened its first retail store in Funan this year.

And because Bernina believes in a very hands-on approach, this store has a set of 12 ready-to-use sewing machines.

Participants were each given a tote bag to sew on. Here are some of our favourite images of BFFs and their pretty masterpieces.


Fun fact: Bernina at Funan offers fun sewing classes for shoppers. If you’re a beginner, opt for the tote bag. If not, choose from a variety of items, such as a pencil case or pouch. 



Next, we were treated to some window-shopping at Fossil.

On display were the latest, eye-catching Gen 5 smartwatches. These watches run on the Google Wear OS platform.

Some outstanding features include the perfectly responsive touchscreen, cute watch animations, and higher RAM speed (yes!).

Fun fact: Fossil doubled the standard RAM of Wear OS watches from 512MB to 1GB. 


Scent by SIX

This was the most sensory stop of the tour. This is an artisanal fragrance label, and we were treated to a perfume-making crash course by a Scent by SIX perfumer, who provided tips on how to differentiate the top, middle and base notes of a perfume. 

We got to create our own perfume.

Participants were each given a 10ml bottle and simply told to have fun with the perfume notes. This service is available to shoppers at Funan.

Scent by SIX recommends that their customers purchase the 20ml perfume bottle as it is reusable (read: more savings and eco-friendly).

Unlike other perfume brands with locked nozzles, Scent by SIX’s bottles can be twisted open. All you have to do is rinse the bottle with some alcohol, and bring it with you on your next visit to the Funan store.

Fun fact: If you like a fruity scent, pack in on the top notes. For those who love a woodier scent, add more base notes.



The store at Funan is as impressive as its products. This is a brand that brings science and engineering to life. And if you need help, the ever-ready Dyson reps are here to lend a hand.

At the tour, they demonstrated the use of the Dyson Airwrap and Supersonic Dryer.

Pro tip: There are three types of Airwrap machines to choose from, according to your hair type.

One helps to add volume and shape limp hair; another smooths unruly, frizzy hair; and the last one is for regular hair. Each type of Airwrap comes with three barrels to curl and add waves your hair too.

Fun fact:  Try out the brand’s famed beauty gadgets at the snazzy Dyson Beauty Lab, the world’s first.  


Beyond The Vines

The local fashion brand is known for its clean lines and uncomplicated designs. The store at Funan, the label’s fourth boutique, is clearly a testament to its enduring popularity in the local scene.

Much to everyone’s surprise, we were given an exclusive peek into what went on at Beyond The Vines’ design session, where mood boards and sample pieces are made by designers. And of course, a shopping tour isn’t complete without any shopping. Some picked up several chic pieces to jazz up their wardrobe.  

Fun fact: The store has a window to the designers’ studio, where you can watch them at work.