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Photo: Hendrick’s Gin

Oh, the humble cucumber: a few slices brighten up chicken rice or for the health conscious, serve as a simple detox . Take a couple more slices,  you get a quick pick-me-up for tired eyes and maybe soothe your sinusitis. The list of benefits in this common vegetable (read: fruit) goes on and on. But here’s another reason why keeping a bag of these close by will come in handy very soon – on 14th June 2018, or World Cucumber Day. 

Hendrick’s Gin is giving a toast to its favourite fruit on World Cucumber Day with gin & tonics for a small trade-off.

From 6 to 11 pm, 23 bars in Singapore will be giving out the refreshing cocktail in exchange for a cucumber. You don’t have to get fancy with it either – any kind of cucumber will do.

Don’t be too quick to use up all your cucumbers: you’ll need one to ease the impending hangover from one too many G&Ts.


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Folks around the CBD – you’re in luck! Here’s where to handover your cucumbers on World Cucumber Day for a weeknight pick-me-up:


1. City Hall



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Smoke & Mirrors

Tess Bar

The Mad Men


2. Tanjong Pagar



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Fat Prince



The Wall


3. Telok Ayer



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Birds Of A Feather

Bitters & Love

Employees Only

Mona Lounge

Nutmeg & Clove

Oxwell & Co

PS Café Ann Siang


4. Keong Saik


Potato Head


5. Orchard



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Emerald Hill (No.5)

Horse’s Mouth


The White Rabbit