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 The best places in Singapore for roast chicken delivery

Who doesn’t love a good roast chicken? It’s healthier than fried chicken and you get more chick for your buck as it’s usually served whole, in all its savoury, crispy goodness. If you’re dying to sink your teeth into this dish, check out our guide to Singapore’s best roast chicken that is available for delivery, from Japanese-style to good old country and western American.

1. Kemono

Kemono's roast chicken is MSG free and delivered straight to your home

Too lazy to go out for roast chicken? Kemono has you covered. Photo: Kemono

With islandwide delivery available from 11am – 12 midnight, this healthy Japanese-style roasted chicken is made from cage-free, certified organic chickens have been fed with probiotics, resulting in less fat and cholesterol, and have been farmed without those nasty antibiotics and growth hormones.

The skin on the chicken is crispy, but not dry, with the meat falling off the bone easily. While not overly oily, it is bursting with flavour and was just as delicious alone or with salad. Best of all? No MSG added – guilt-free chicken indeed.

With four different sauces available for you to choose from: sweet chili and garlic chili, teriyaki pineapple, lemongrass, and Japanese curry, the Certified Organic Fresh Chicken currently retails at a promotional price of $27.90.


2. Poulet 

French roast chicken by Poulet

Ooh la la! Get some of Poulet’s French roast chicken delivered to your home.

French for chicken, Poulet has various locations around Singapore, but is also available for delivery via Foodpanda or Deliveroo. Their chicken has been brined in a mixture of herbs and citrus, before being spit roasted.

The chicken comes with five  sauces: Black Pepper, Chardonnay Mushroom, Cranberry, Diane and Lemon.

If you’re eating alone, order Meal Set B ($21.19) which gives you a juicy half roast chicken, served with one side and a carbonated drink as well as the sauce of your choice (choose from Chardonnay Mushroom, Cranberry and Diane). For sides, there’s Marron (chestnut) Rice, Mash Potato and French Fries.

Just want the chicken? Their Roast Chicken is available as half ($18.80) or whole ($33.06), with any of the five sauces.

For those who want to share with friends and loved ones, Meal Sets provide food for up to four people, inclusive of sides, carbonated drinks, soup, salad and sauce (prices range from $28.68 for two people to $76.83 for four).



3. Charco’s the Flaming Chicken 


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Located in between Eunos and Kembangan MRT at 347F Changi Road, Charco’s the Flaming Chicken dishes out mouth watering garlic and herb roast chicken, in addition to spicy Portuguese chicken, ribs and more.

If you’re a small eater, their Charco’s Chicken ¼ + One Side ($14.50) has a whopping twelve sides to choose from. We recommend the Caesar or Garden Salad if you’re feeling healthy, or the Spiced Rice or Potato Wedges if you’re craving carbs.

Hungry from a long day at work? Order Charco’s Chicken ½ + Two Sides ($22.30) or go all the way and grab the Charco’s Whole Chicken + Three Sides ($32).


4. Kenny Roger’s Roasters  

Kenny Roger's Roasters roast chicken delivery

Sink your teeth into Kenny Roger’s famous roast chicken. Photo: Kenny Roger’s Roasters Facebook 

Popular American rotisserie Kenny Roger’s Roasters is available on both Foodpanda and Deliveroo, so if you only have one app, you don’t have to worry. Marinated for 24 hours with their secret blend of citrus, herbs and spices, it’s no wonder the brand has lasted so long.

The country singer and actor started this chain in 1991 and has since expanded across Asia.

Choose from either their Kenny’s Quarters with 2 Sides ($19.26) or Kenny’s Favourite with Two Sides ($29.96) if you’re feeling a little hungrier.

As for sides, we love their gooey Macaroni and Cheese, Garlic Parsley Potatoes and Garden Pasta Salad.


5. Brotzeit

Brotzeit's roast and fried chicken

Brotzeit has both roast and fried chicken, but we prefer the roast. Photo: Brotzeit’s Facebook

A meat-loving nation, Germany, is famous for their pork knuckle – and at cosy German restaurant Brotzeit, their herb and garlic marinated roast chicken.

Order from Foodpanda or Deliveroo to get a fresh Oven Roasted Chicken Half Portion ($24.61) or Whole Portion ($42.80) that come with roasted vegetables and spicy potato wedges.

End the meal with an indulgent Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce ($13) or a sinful Schokokuchen ($14) – molten chocolate lava cake, to complete your food coma.