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Website connects female diners who eat aloneA new website for solo, female diners has been launched to help alleviate the embarrassment of having to ask for a table for one.

Created by a woman in Gloucestershire, England, the website Invite for a Bite allows frequent female flyers who travel for business, solo travelers, or even locals to post invitations and find a female dining partner.

Since launching in March, the women-only site has already been used by women in France, Spain, Sri Lanka, the US, Turkey, Scotland, Indonesia and Cyprus.

The idea, says creator Cressida Howard, was created after she heard a BBC radio program in which a group of female travelers discussed how much they loved traveling alone, with the notable exception of one detail: eating solo.

On the site, members can post invitations that aren’t exclusive to restaurant meals picnics, drinks, or theater outings and see who bites.

The site has gained a considerable amount of press in recent days, for zooming in on what appears to be, a culturally sensitive topic: women who dine alone.

In a sarcastic article entitled “If Women Stop Eating Alone, Who Will We Pity In Restaurants?”, likens the single, solo, female diner to the high-powered Liz Lemons of the world in reference to the neurotic, workaholic TV writer on the NBC show 30 Rock, portrayed by Tina Fey.

Meanwhile,, an international social networking site, also allows women to create groups and seek out fellow female dining partners or friends. — AFP RELAXNEWS