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Every food investor worth his salt knows this: That a great burger is a top seller. I mean, that’s why No Signboard is planning to open a hawker-themed burger chain by the end of the year (with plans for at least three more outlets to come in 2019).

From the bun to the patty and the extras like lettuce, tomato, onion and sauce (the sauce!!), the burger is a delicious sensory overload that rakes in the dollars. For the consumer, what we care about is whether it’s tasty — full stop. If it’s Instagrammable and #foodporn-worthy, then even better.

The burger boom that’s happening right now means that there is a whole gamut of cool burgers that are totally unique. From those made of chocolate to vegan options, here are 7 of the best burgers that’ll get your salivary glands (and Instagram accounts) going.


1. Mini Chocolate Burger @ FOC Restaurant


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Price: S$14

This unique dessert that mimics a main course consists of two vanilla mousse buns coated with white chocolate. In between them lies a chocolate ganache patty, mango, sliced strawberry and mint leaves. A delicious end to a tapas meal.

FOC Restaurant, 40 Hongkong Street, S(059679), Tel: 6100 4040,, Instagram @foc_restaurant


2. Rambo Burger @ Three Buns


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Price: S$19

Succulent lamb patties are rich, flavourful, and notoriously difficult to nail if you’re cooking them. Three Buns at Potato Head Folk’s Rambo burger features Dorper lamb with an interesting aubergine pickle and cumin aioli served between wholemeal bread.

Three Buns, 36 Keong Saik Road, S(089143), Tel: 6327 1939,, Instagram @burgersandheads


3. Mac Daddy Burger @ Montana Singapore


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Price: S$12.90

Their mac and cheese waffle with jalapeno got junk foodies very excited, as did this burger offering. Deep fried mac and cheese — with an insane amount of cheese — serves a replacement for the usual bun. These crunchy, cheesy slabs hold a juicy beef patty, tomatoes and lettuce.

Montana Singapore, Pomo, 1 Selegie Rd, #02-25, S(188306), Tel: 6334 3137,, Instagram @montanasingapore


4. Loco Moco Katsu Burger @ Tanuki Raw


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Price: S$19

The Loco Moco is a classic Hawaiian dish and here, the patty is deep fried in panko crumbs and topped with black garlic teriyaki sauce. The “supporting cast” of toppings comprises of lettuce, sliced tomatoes, a fried egg and sweet potato burger buns toasted with honey butter. A delectable mouthful of flavours! There’s also a Yuzy Pepper Katsu burger featuring pork instead of beef.

Tanuki Raw, Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, #04-01, S(238896), Tel: 6636 5949,, Instagram @tanukiraw


5. Miso Tofu Vege Burger @ Wolf Burgers


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Price: S$9.90

Meat lovers say that vegans are crazy but there’s no denying the popularity of the trend. The alternative protein market is even projected to reach US$5.5 billion by the year 2020 in the US. Burger chains are on the ball with their meat-free options and Wolf Burgers is no exception. Its Miso Tofu Vege burger is made with pressed tofu glazed in miso mirin sauce, and topped with sliced avocado, cabbage, tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

Wolf Burgers, Changi City Point, 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-43, S(486038), Tel: 6902 0486,, Instagram @wolfburgersg


6. Avocado Beetroot Burger @ VeganBurg


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Price: From S$11.90

The forerunner in the vegan trend here in Singapore is this business which serves only plant-based fare. Its Avocado Beetroot burger comprises a delicious soy patty (crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside — sort of like a crispy chicken sandwich patty), served along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and the key ingredients: avocado and beetroot. You have the option of choosing either the wholemeal bun or a lettuce wrap.We’re happy to say that the burger was bursting with flavour, and they don’t skimp on the avo and beets.

VeganBurg, 44 Jalan Eunos, S(419502), Tel:6844 6868,, Instagram @veganburg



7. Sesame Tofu Burger @ The Living Café


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Price: S$15

Another for the health-conscious is The Living Café’s Sesame Tofu burger that comes with grilled eggplants, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and lettuce, all topped with buns that made with sesame-crusted tofu and raw dijon mustard. How virtuous.

The Living Café, 779 Bukit Timah Road, S(269758), Tel: 6762 8029,, Instagram @livingcafesg