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With just a few days shy of us ushering in 2018, we can’t help take a quick trip down memory lane to see some of the crazy (yet worthy) food trends 2017 has brought us. Along with snaking queues, demands for more stocks and one thing’s for sure – photos that have flooded our Instagram feeds and stories.

From the mind-boggling transparent tea to the soft and fluffy Castella cakes worth every calorie, watch the video to see the top eight food trends that made the cut:

  1. Transparent Tea

Imported from Japan that’s full of weird and wacky food trends, we were definitely not surprised when we learnt of its origins. With the wide variety of Suntory transparent beverages Suntory has released so far, we are looking forward to what’s brewing in the future.




  2. Gong Cha

Probably the most anticipated comeback this year, just check out the overwhelming response it has received, in our video above!



    3. Nasi Lemak Burger

This burger is proof that Singaporeans went loco for local this year, especially since it has gotten many clamouring for its return after being off the McDonald’s menu for a while.



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    4. Instant Self-Heating Mala Pots 

All the rage online, it’s not hard to see why. It doesn’t require any electricity or hot water (just room-temperature will do) and claims to the meal for everyone, even the lazy.



        5. Japanese Golden Cones

We’ve seen black to purple foods trending but golden soft serve? Extremely Insta-worthy and luxury in every bite.


        6. Cheesy Foods 

2017 seemed like a cheesy year from offerings of cheese teas to the cheese Castella cakes (also available in chocolate, original and pandan). Are we ready for more cheesy goodness? You bet we are.





     7. Gula Melaka

Otherwise known as palm sugar, this popular sweetener has been making its rounds in cafes and we love the countless desserts popping up, from scones to sauce toppings.



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