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Lobster is the king of all crustaceans, and is an expensive delicacy that can be costly to consume. It’s not hard to see why: When fresh and cooked to perfection, the firm and satisfyingly chunky flesh that slips easily off its shell is succulent, sweet and heady.

There are many ways to cook this coveted shellfish. From steamed lobster to lobster with cheese or butter sauce or soaked in creamy broth and more, here are some of the best places you should indulge in the prized catch. We say bookmark this page so you can access it the next time your bonus comes in.


1. Lobsters & Crabs dinner buffet at Carousel

Photo: Royal Plaza on Scotts

For a limited time only, you’d get to dig into all things lobster to your heart’s content — and how often do we get to do that? This weekly spread will showcase both lobsters and crabs cooked in several ways.

Dishes include a savoury cheesy Lobster Au Gratin, Maine lobster with black pepper sauce, a Hong Kong-style lobster and seafood cheese baked rice, truffle-scented lobster risotto, lobster bisque, braised lobster Hokkien Mee and a mean salted egg stir-fry lobster for a local twist.

Who knew lobster can have this many variations? As for crabs, there’s the usual chilli crab with mantous, deep-fried soft-shell crab and more.

At Carousel, Royal Plaza on Scotts, 25 Scotts Rd, Royal Plaza, Singapore 228220. Available from June 17 to Aug 19, every Monday for dinner from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at S$80++ (adults) and $46++ (children). Call 6219 3780, email or visit for reservations.


2. Grilled Maine Lobster at The Black Swan

Photo: Lo and Behold Group

Instead of a rich and creamy Lobster Thermidor that can get a little too much sometimes, thanks to its combination of egg yolks and cheese crust from its Mornay sauce, The Black Swan’s new head chef Alysia Chan decided to create a lighter version.

Fresh, thick lobster flesh that is still in its shell is cooked with a piquant tomato-based romesco sauce instead. The dish (S$60++), which is part of the chophouse’s new food menu, comes with comforting black barley — that’s cooked in fish stock — and corn risotto, and served with burnt scallion.

At The Black Swan, 19 Cecil St, Singapore 049704. Call 6438 3757 or visit for reservations.


3. Truffle Lobster Mac & Cheese at OverEasy

Photo: Lo and Behold Group

What’s better than a mac and cheese? A souped up mac and cheese, with a generous dose of lobster meat and flavoured with truffle oil.

This family favourite recipe has been given a sophisticated spin by American diner OverEasy, and features succulent Maine lobster doused with a white wine and lobster shell broth, served with macaroni and a creamy mix of parmesan and gouda cheese ($48++).

If you’re interested in light nibbles, go for its Lobster Tator Tots ($14++ at OverEasy Orchard, $16++ at OverEasy Fullerton). It’s crunchy, brimming with Maine lobster, finely shredded potatoes and chives, and served with a refreshing aioli dip. One word: Addictive.

At OverEasy Fullerton, #01-06 One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road, Singapore 049213 and OverEasy Orchard, #01-01 Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Road, Singapore 238881. Call 6684 1453 or visit for reservations.


4. Lobster Bun at Tanjong Beach Club

Photo: Lo and Behold Group

The lobster bun or lobster roll is probably the most popular lobster dish for lovers of the shellfish. And Tanjong Beach Club’s rendition hits all the right spots.

Nestled within a pillowy soft and slightly charred toasted brioche bun are generous slivers of juicy Maine lobster and fresh avocado tossed in burnt butter mayo. The cherry on top for its Lobster Bun ($38++) is the tobiko that’s sprinkled on top to give it an extra crunch.

At Tanjong Beach Club, 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Singapore 098942. Call 6270 1355 or visit for reservations.


5. Peranakan Laksa with Lobster at The Salon

Photo: Hotel Fort Canning

The beloved laksa is usually served with prawns and cockles but The Salon’s rendition gives it extra punch with the addition of tender lobster meat.

It’s a luxe touch to a flavourful and comforting dish of fragrant coconut-based broth with dried shrimps, homemade rempah (spice paste) and rice vermicelli topped with fish cakes, hardboiled egg, tau pok (dried bean curd puffs), beansprouts and laksa leaves.

Bonus: The dish is part of the restaurant’s A Journey Through Taste Bicentennial four-course special, so you’d get to enjoy other delicious delicacies too. These include a trio of appetisers — Deep-fried Masala Chicken Drumlet, Homemade Pan-fried Dumpling and Tahu Goreng — and a different take on the classic Beef Wellington dish — the Oven-baked Salmon Wellington.

At The Salon, Hotel Fort Canning, 11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881. Available until Sept 15 for lunch and dinner, at S$45++ per person. Call 6799 8809 or email for reservations.



6. Sambal Glazed Lobster at Burger & Lobster 

Photo: Burger and Lobster

While London-chain Burger and Lobster is known for its Original Lobster Roll (its version of succulent flesh encased in a warm bun is Insta-worthy), why not try something different for a change?

Available exclusively at its first and only Singapore outlet in Jewel – which means you can’t get this in its London locations — the Sambal Glazed Lobster ($65++) serves its signature lobster with a flavourful sambal sauce, a beloved Singaporean favourite comprising a mildly spicy fusion of dried shrimp, chilli and Asian spices.

You say decadent, we say worth it. Best of all, you’ll get spectacular views of the Shiseido Forest Valley while you dine amidst verdant foliage.

At Burger and Lobster, #05-203, Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666 . It does not accept reservations. Note that they will only be serving lobster rolls from 9am to 11am and 11pm to 3am.


7. Lobster & Eggs Benedict at Adrift by David Myers

Photo: Marina Bay Sands

Tired of the usual Eggs Benedict that’s typically served with ham or bacon? Even the smoked salmon rendition is starting to get a little old, am I right?

If you answered yes, and you have the cash to splash, indulge in this New England Lobster & Eggs Benedict with potato hash and lime (S$28++) that elevates the brunch classic with the addition of a chunky deshelled lobster claw.

We love the lightly crisped potato hash that adds texture to the smooth dish. Opt for the beverage package (S$70++) to pair the delectable dish with free flow champagne and selected cocktails and house pours.

At Adrift by David Myers, Marina Bay Sands, Lobby, Hotel Tower 2, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956. Call 6688 5657 or email for reservations.


8. Lobster Roll at db Bistro & Oyster Bar

Photo: Marina Bay Sands

Another place to get your lobster rolls (we did mention it’s a crowd favourite) is db Bistro & Oyster Bar. The French restaurant’s Maine Lobster Roll (S$42++) comes with generous portions of fresh lobster chunks and creamy avocado slivers sandwiched in a nicely toasted brioche roll that is baked in-house. Nothing to complain there.

At db Bistro & Oyster Bar, B1-48, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956. Call 6688 8525 or email for reservations.


9. Lobster Ramen at Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Ramen Keisuke is famed for its creative concepts and restaurants where no two are alike, thanks to Keisuke Takeda’s philosophy that ramen should be more innovative. The brand’s lobster ramen offerings at this speciality outlet (which opened in 2018) are inspired by the French culinary style behind the French lobster bisque.

The shells of French rock lobsters are pan-fried before they are crushed into fine bits and subsequently simmered for six hours with a special blend of herbs and vegetables to create the Lobster Broth Ramen (Clear Soup).

The stock is further brewed for an additional four to six hours to create the creamy texture of its Lobster Broth Ramen (Rich Creamy Soup). While it doesn’t feature actual lobster flesh — it’s usually served with slices of meat, dumplings and a flavoured egg — it’s velvety smooth, comforting and rich. Like a lobster bisque, but more fulfilling.

At Ramen Keisuke Lobster King, #01-07 The Cannery, 3C River Valley Road, Singapore 179022. Call 6255 2928.


10. Whole Cantonese Style Steamed Lobster at Pince and Pints

Pince and Pints is the OG of lobster rolls in Singapore — that’s to say the eatery made it famous on our little red dot. But what we love about this place is its other lobster offerings.

If you’re looking for something clean, basic yet flavourful, where you can taste the freshness of the lobster flesh without other stuff getting in the way, we suggest going for its Whole Cantonese Style Steamed Lobster (S$58++) that’s served on a bed of glass vermicelli, soaked in housemade soy sauce, finished with sliced spring onion and complemented with fragrant jasmine rice.

They also have a simple Whole Lobster (steamed or grilled, $58++) that’s served with chef’s salad, straight-cut fries & butter sauce. No fuss, just lobster at its purest.

At Pince & Pints, 32-33 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089496, tel: 6225 7558. Visit



11. Stewed Noodles with Lobster at Min Jiang

Photo: Min Jiang

Another Asian take on the beloved crustacean is this eye-popping creation from Chinese restaurant Min Jiang. 

Local lobster is cut in half and quickly fried in oil, before adding stir-fried ginger and spring onions, a superior broth made with fried shallots, chicken broth, oyster sauce and dark sauce, and a dash of salt, sugar and potato starch.

The lobster ($118++ per order, 600g) is presented on a bed of firm but springy egg noodles for an Insta-worthy photo opp.

At Min Jiang’s Dempsey outlet, 7A &, 7B Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249684, tel: 6774 0122. Visit


12. Lobster Linguine at Zafferano Italian Restaurant & Lounge

Photo: Zafferano

For something comforting and satisfying with a touch of luxe, try this pasta ($48 for a half lobster and $78 for a full lobster) that features succulent Canadian lobster on top of a bed of linguine tossed in piquant tomato sauce.

The firm but fresh flesh of the lobster completes the slightly chewy texture of the house-made noodles, making it an enjoyable and hearty meal indeed.

At Zafferano, Ocean Financial Centre, 10 Collyer Quay, Level 43, Singapore 049315, tel:  6509 1488. Visit