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Photo: Instagram / @coastessg

If you have a pet, you know the feeling when you have to leave your fur friend behind when you head out on the weekends.

Thankfully, there are quite a number of places you can bring your pet to for a cafe hop or Sunday brunch. Yes, some of these places even have pet menus with mains and desserts for animals.

And you don’t have to worry about your pet getting dehydrated either because all of these places we listed provide water bowls!

Scroll down for our curated picks of the most pet-friendly cafes in Singapore.


1. Menage Cafe

pet friendly places menage cafe

Photo: Instagram / @brucey_the_shiba

Menage Cafe, located at Sin Ming Plaza is the first pet-friendly cafe we heard of that cooks sous vide food for its furry visitors. Fancy and healthy!

The menu includes sous vide mains like wagyu beef, salmon steak, or chicken breast, served with brown rice and broccoli.

It’s not a must to buy a main for your dog though. There’s a food menu for humans and you’re free to let your pet play with the toys and other fur friends while you have your meal.

Plus points: We love how spacious this cafe is, and that there is plenty of parking outside. Also, the iconic basket swing (pictured) is the perfect place to grab a pic for the ‘gram before you go.

Menage Cafe is at 6 Sin Ming Rd.


2. Ah B Cafe

pet friendly places ah b cafe

Photo: Instagram / @ispitsushi

Ah B Cafe is located near the Turf Club and is a great pet-friendly place for your fur kid to chill and socialise with other animals.

There is an air-conditioned indoor area as well as a partially shaded outdoor area to play in. Note that there’s a minimum spend of $18 if you want to be seated indoors though.

As for the food, humans can choose from a Western Japanese fusion menu which includes pastas, rice bowls, and parfaits. And pets could have nutritious protein bowls and fruit yoghurt for dessert.

Plus points: You can buy cute cakes for pet to celebrate their birthdays here! The cakes come in different styles shapes – there’s one like a unicorn, another like a burger, and there are classic cakes with frosting or fruit toppings too.

Ah B Cafe is at 110 Turf Club Rd.




3. Happenstance Cafe

pet friendly places happenstance cafe

Photo: Instagram / @cobeethecorgi

Happenstance Cafe is one of the pioneers in the pet cafe scene, and is great place for pet meetups.

Something unique on the menu are the ‘Pupcakes’. As you guessed, they’re cupcakes, just that they are made with meat and oats instead of sugar.

There are also set meals with meat and vegetables, or you could order a grilled sirloin steak for your pupper if you want to treat him or her to something fancier.

Plus points: Happenstance Cafe is pretty happening! It’s often crowded on the weekends, so your pet is bound to make new friends.

Happenstance Cafe is at 35 Opal Cres.


4. Sun Ray Cafe

pet friendly places sun ray cafe

Photo: Instagram / @pidan_thecat

Sun Ray Cafe is a pet-friendly cafe that prides itself on its wholesome food (everything is made in house), from the coffee beans that are roasted at the cafe, to the bread and cakes which are baked from scratch.

Your pet will be pretty happy with the meal selection as well. In addition to the usual meats, your pet could try a shepherd’s pie or even a bento set, complete with rice, vegetables, eggs, and fruit.

And after your pet enjoys its meal, it could play with other fur friends, just remember to keep it on a leash!

Plus points: The coffee is great and the burgers are mouthwatering – just have a look at Sun Ray Cafe’s Instagram account to see what we mean.

Sun Ray Cafe is at 79 Brighton Cres.


5. Coastes

pet friendly places coastes

Photo: Instagram / @coastessg

Coastes is a pet-friendly restaurant located along Siloso beach. And while it doesn’t have a pet menu, we think the fact that your pet can have tonnes of fun running around in the sand is totally worth it. Just note that you are required to leash your dog!

While there isn’t any tentage, there is enough shade to keep your pet comfortable, and like all the other places in this list, you can request for a water bowl to hydrate your thirsty pet.

As for food, you can indulge in Western staples like salads, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas. Or you could get a cocktail to sip on while chilling on the beach.

Plus points: The beautiful beach, of course! Need we say more?

Coastes is at 50 Siloso Beach Walk.