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Ondeh Ondeh desserts

Photo: Collective Brewers, Two Bakers

The traditional Malay ondeh ondeh pastry has been enjoying a revival recently. These green, pandan-flavoured rice balls coated in grated coconut are stuffed with gula melaka syrup that oozes out in a burst of sweetness when you bite into them. Yes, they’re messy, but these sticky treats are definitely worth the effort — and the calories.

If you fancy yourself an ondeh ondeh fan, these newfangled creations will be right up your alley. Not only are they super Instagrammable, they also present the well-loved kuih in a variety of textures and flavours, with clever twists. Let the ondeh ondeh dessert hunt begin!


1. Ondeh Ondeh Softserve — MOOSH


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This decadent treat is served at halal Haji Lane eatery, MOOSH. At its base is gula melaka softserve ice-cream, laced with homemade pandan fudge sauce. It’s also topped with toasted coconut flakes and dessicated coconut for some crunchy goodness.

Like most softserve ice-creams, it melts quickly, so eat it fast! Smooth and creamy, this is one dessert you’ll crave on a super hot day.

Price: $4.50 for the regular size, $6 for large. 

Where: 44 Haji Lane, Singapore 189237


2. Ondeh Ondeh Churros — Churros Factory

If you’ve ever wondered what ondeh ondeh would taste like if it’s deep-fried and crunchy, here’s your answer. The Ondeh Ondeh Churros at Churros Factory are crispy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside, with a wonderful pandan fragrance to boot. Plunge them into the warm gula melaka dip to take the experience to the next level.

Price: $3 for 5 churros

Where: Churros Factory, Lot One #B1-K9, Junction 10 #01-25, Woodlands Interchange #01-38


3. Ondeh Ondeh Milkshake — Churros Factory

Churros Factory

Photo: Churros Factory / Facebook

Churros Factory also has a creamy Ondeh Ondeh Milkshake, for those who prefer their desserts chilled. It has swirls of gula melaka and dessicated coconut on top — heavenly!

Price: $5.50

Where: Churros Factory, Lot One #B1-K9, Junction 10 #01-25, Woodlands Interchange #01-38




4. Ondeh Ondeh Souffle — Butterscotch Café

Butterscotch cafe

Photo: Butterscotch Café  / Facebook

The pouffy ondeh-ondeh souffle will have you exclaiming: “It’s so fluffy!” Only available on weekends, it takes at least 30 minutes to make — souffles are notoriously hard to bake — but it’s definitely worth the wait. Crunchy on the outside and light-as-air on the inside, this souffle features generous amounts of gula melaka syrup on the bottom, and is served with gula melaka ice-cream on the side.

Price: $18 

Where: Butterscotch Café, #01-3625, 164 Bukit Merah Central


5. Ondeh Ondeh Waffles — Butterscotch Café

Ondeh ondeh waffles

Photo: Butterscotch Café  / Facebook

You can also tuck into Butterscotch Café’s Ondeh Ondeh Waffles if you’re not prepared for the long wait for a souffle. The pandan waffles come with gula melaka ice-cream, gula melaka syrup, dessciated coconut and rainbow sprinkles, and will definitely induce a sugar rush.

Price: $12

Where: Butterscotch Café, #01-3625, 164 Bukit Merah Central


6. Ondeh Ondeh Poffertjes — Cakelovesg


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Poffertjes, or mini Dutch pancakes, are a lot like the original ondeh ondeh — small and round, but a lot fluffier. Cakelovesg’s version has pandan poffertjes drizzled with gula melaka syrup and dessciated coconut, and it’s available at Cakelovesg’s roving stalls. Check their Instagram for where you can find them.

Price: $10 for 6

Where: Instagram @Cakelovesg


7. Ondeh Ondeh Pancakes — Collective Brewers

Collective Brewers

Photo: Collective Brewers / Facebook

For classic pancakes with an ondeh ondeh twist, head to Collective Brewers in Changi. These buttermilk pancakes are flavoured with pandan, and strike a good balance between fluffiness and crispiness. The shredded coconut bits on top are infused with gula melaka, and vanilla ice-cream on the side rounds off the entire dessert.

Price: $14

Where: Collective Brewers, 301 Changi Rd


8. Ondeh Ondeh Éclair — Two Bakers

Ondeh Ondeh eclairs

Photo: twobakerssg / Instagram

The classic French éclair gets a reboot, turning it into delectable local dessert. Bite into the soft éclair to get a mouthful of gula melaka cream, and enjoy the crunchiness of the pandan-flavoured white chocolate glaze and dessciated coconut. Call ahead of time (tel: 6293 0329) to check if this popular treat is available, as Two Bakers usually runs out of these treats by midday.

Price: $6.80

Where: Two Bakers, 88 Horne Rd


9. Ondeh Ondeh Cake — Fluff Bakery


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There are plenty of options out there for ondeh ondeh cake, but our favourite is definitely Fluff Bakery’s. Its fresh pandan cake base and gula melaka syrup sandwiched in between strike the perfect balance. The whole thing is encased in a cream that’s wonderfully light. It’s also not too sweet or cloying, and is completely worth the indulgence.

Price: From $45 for 6”cake

Where: Fluff Bakery, 4 Jalan Pisang


10. Ondeh Ondeh Tarts — Fat JJ Bakery

Ondeh ondeh tarts

Photo: Fat JJ Bakery

What’s better than a pineapple tart? An ondeh ondeh tart! These little beauties are popping up everywhere now, and are great for impressing guests — or for stashing in the office to share with your hungry colleagues when tea-time rolls around.

Each tart has a pandan-infused pastry shell, with a gula melaka and coconut centre. They may look small, but beware: Once you start popping them in your mouth, you won’t be able to stop!

Price: $18 per tub of 15 pieces

Where: Fat JJ Bakery,